Launched in December 2008 by co-founders Daniel Fontaine and Mike Klassen, (aka “City Caucus”) looked both locally and across Canada for important stories relating to municipal politics and public policy to analyze and debate. Many of our contributors drew upon direct experience either as elected officials, or behind the scenes as experienced political campaigners. Thanks to our collective experience with the cut and thrust of politics as former campaign managers, politicians, political candidates and insiders, City Caucus tried to present the issues in a way that other traditional media sources could not.

During its run attracted over 5,000,000 page views and hundreds of thousands of individual readers. Our 8 weeks of posts to promote and celebrate the free events during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games was considered a game-changer for the multi-billion dollar event. Over 2.5 million site visits during those weeks to our “Where to Be for Free” posts helped tens of thousands to discover a way to enjoy the spirit of the Games on a modest budget, and let a skeptical public embrace the celebration.

Our goal at City Caucus was to have an irreverent but respectful dialogue about Canada’s most challenging political and public policy issues, and we invited readers to participate in “the conversation” by providing comments that stuck to the issues, and not resort to name-calling or personal attacks. We may not always agree with each other, but the interchange must always be civil. discontinued publishing in July 2012, and remains only as an archive of the nearly 2,400 posts and over 25,000 comments published during those three and a half years.

Please note, any commentary that appears on the site are the opinions of the individual writer.

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