City Caucus passes 5,000,000 page views

Millions of ‘unique’ visits since December 2008

It’s with a measure of pride that we announce that City Caucus has had five million page views since the site’s launch in early December 2008. For those who are unclear about website metrics, a page view is a statistic which tracks the time a page is opened in someone’s browser. Our web stats – tracked by two separate services – indicate nearly 2.8 million ‘unique’ impressions, which usually indicates the gross number of visitors to the site over that time period. These two statistics are the industry standard for measuring a website’s popularity.

While 5 million views would not be considered an earth-shattering quantity for many heavily-visited sites, we’re still pleased with the quantity and quality of the traffic. When we came up with the idea for City Caucus our expectation was to attract readers in the hundreds not the thousands. And we’ve always said we have the best commenters thanks to the way you all contribute to the dialogue.

Including the City Caucus Archive, here are a few additional statistics at the time of the writing of this post:

  • Number of posts: 2,375
  • Number of comments: 26,439
  • Number of Twitter followers: 4,543
  • Number of “tweets”: 24,592
  • Number of Facebook fans: 1,315
  • Number of daily email subscribers: 1,085
  • Number of countries where someone has visited 95

Global hits overnight on July 2, 2012

With so many articles published on the site over three and a half years it’s really difficult to point to our favourites. Certainly the stories which sent Vancouver’s media scrambling to City Hall to confirm a firing or to get a quote from the City Manager or Mayor are among the most memorable. Insiders at Vancouver City Hall have told us how the communications department at one time would have to snap into action almost daily to deal with something posted on Earlier this year we decided to shift our attention and focus less on the Vision administration.

It’s the feature writing done by many of our contributors which stands out above all, especially considering that no one gets paid to be published here. All of the work is driven by the passion for the subject matter, whether it is reflecting upon urban renewal and densification, discussing public facilities such as pools and parks, waxing on urban agriculture, analyzing the debate between drivers and cyclists, or blasting sprawl development. We’ve also invited some great discussion about provincial politics, including viewpoints on education and energy not seen elsewhere.

We thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to visit, to hear what we have to say and, in some cases, let us know what you think too.

– post by Mike

Appreciating the oil sands
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  • JJ

    Bravo Mike Klasse, David Fontaine and City Caucus team including all contributors and commentators!
    This is the true AWARD not the posh delivered by the Canadian Journalistic Foundation!
    Thank you…thank you very much… 🙂

  • Terry M

    Congratulations Team City Caucus!

  • Paul H

    Great work and here is to the next 5!

  • Brilliant

    Congrats Mike & Daniel. BTW why no coverage of the NPA AGM? 150 seems a good turnout for a non-election year.

  • Julia

    Well done!

  • Max

    Congratulations Mike & Daniel! Well done!

  • Thought of The Night

    “Five million page views… just like five million kisses upon your reader’s lipses…”

    No better “award” than that coming from your reader’s lips… in the form of appreciation, curiosity, involvement, disagreement, camaraderie…

    Remember, that’s only a number, a psychological threshold, after all the excitement will settle down you’ll still have the basics… your site informed, debated, intrigued, as it should have.
    Keep up the good work, Mike, Daniel, City Caucus bros., and… thanks for the forum! 🙂

    Glissando Remmy

    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.