Make music, Vancouver. Summer’s coming.

Summer solstice brings out a new celebration in our city

If you're a Facebook user you've probably been invited to join an event and wondered why you're getting all these infernal notices in your inbox. So it began with me and Make Music Vancouver, who've set up this event on Facebook that I might have ignored if not for a few friends being involved. I thought I'd give it a chance, however, and now I'm glad I did. What hooked me was this lovely video someone just shared with me.

Make Music Vancouver is something that evolved from Fête de la Musique, begun in Vancouver's French community (if I'm reading the web bio correctly). Now it's taking flight in downtown Vancouver.

Make Music Event is celebrated every year in more than 460 cities in over 100 countries around the world. Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, New York, Sacramento, Chicago, Shanghai, Bali, Madras, Nagoya, Phnom Penh, Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, La Havana, Quito, Port-au-Prince, … are some of the many places where you can enjoy Make Music.

It all takes place in Yaletown beginning the afternoon of June 21st (next Thursday) and going into the wee hours. It looks like an impromptu music celebration inviting musicians to come down and participate. While the uncertainty does create some risks (such as weather, or will anyone show up?, or will bad apples spoil the fun for others?) my experience is improvisation can sometimes really add to the fun factor. It's an ambitious program that will last for many hours.

There are some strong partners on board, so it's sure to be an enjoyable way to celebrate the first day of summer, if not the summer heat. To keep track of the events see these links:

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  • Julia

    The event also is occurring in Gastown on the same day.

    • That seems odd to me. They held it in Gastown last year, but hasn’t it moved to Yaletown this year? Perhaps one of the organizers can confirm.

  • Awesome. I’ll be there loud and proud with my saxophone!!

    • Be sure to check out the website regarding registration, Darrell. It would be good to hear you blowing your horn.

  • Thanks a lot mike for great article. Make music Vancouver will take place in both areas. Gastown was last year our first edition. The succes of 2011 event showed us we need to expand it to another nice area: yaletown, and so we did! Who knows where it is going to spread out next!

  • As you can hear in the lyrics of the official music video, we say gastown and yaletown. This is the same event growing due to big success. We launched it last year and now we are taking care of the new arrived area: yaletown !