Baby Vancouver and King Solomon’s Dilemma

Glissando keeps busy on chess, bureaucrats, the Mayor, and a Levant rant

The Thought of The Day

"What's new Pussycat?"

Ask the current Vancouver dweller that question, and you'll invariably get the same answer: "Nothing. Same Ol' Same Ol'."

I too perplexedly continue to watch Vision Vancouver's performance, the same way one watches a surrealist Kabuki theater performance in a real theater… it's real, but it's fiction, it's fiction but it's real as well, huh!? We are in act Two, scene One. What happens in act Three, scene Two?

Or at the end of the play? That's what bugs me.

Which brings me to the game of Chess. Any of you playing? Let me explain. A Bad player, usually a beginner, wouldn't know how the 'Knight' moves.

An Average player loses in 5-7 moves to a Good player who usually, plots 4-5 moves ahead.

An Excellent player, thinks of at least 7-8 moves ahead, similar to that of having a mental Apple Martini while seated in a 'bumping into someone of significance' meeting. Dirty.

A Chess Master player however, plays 'blind chess' with you, from Saint Petersburg and already beat you half an hour ago. You just don't know it yet.

Are you still with me? Good then, what do you think happened at City Hall recently, let's say in the last year and a half? Was it the new dramatization of the 'Barefoot in the Crap Park', or a Chess tournament that they put on? Naw!

Tell you what happened.

MONEY FOR NOTHING. Yes, too many people getting on the 'Money For Nothing' trough. That's what happened, all right.

And you don't need to be some government spook, or a CSIS hotshot to realize that some foreign 'elements' are busy at work in our City of Total Apathy. Browse through Vision's election 'innocent' contributors list and you'll see what I'm talking about. Smoke and mirrors.

Ballem. This lady was resurrected from her little Medicare racket and then shown the money. Lots of money.

Aufochs, a rather mediocre bureaucrat from…Chicago, who's profile was pumped up handsomely by the same nice fellows who hired Penny, jumps soon after her as No. 2 in Vancouver.

And they are only the No. 1 and No. 2 on the environmentally friendly list.

Now let's have a quick look at The Juice Prince. The classic Cinderella Man, Peon, Prince and Pauper, Successful Businessman and wearer of many hats. Oh, really?

Because what I see, it's completely different from what Vision's PR machine wants you to see. I did not tasted their food, drink their refreshments and wear their free give away merchandise. I rather did my own cooking, made my own lemonade and wore my own clothes so I preferred to look at Robertson from a 'glass half empty' point of view.

Success in my opinion doesn't come through a PR media release, it should be something that you are recognized for, something that you build and build and build, during a lifetime long adventure. Robertson? Not so much. Think about it for a moment.

Sailor and wanderer. Retired on shore after a while.
Farmer. Suntanned for a while, Sold out to other… farmers.
Juice maker extraordinaire. Rescued, by other people's money.

Politics… Provincial… Abandoned.

If he wouldn't have won the Mayoral race in 2008, he would have been 'terminated'. IMO. Unfortunately… he won.

I said it before and I'll say it again:

"STUPID +VANCOUVER= STUPIDER" hence on the T-shirt every Vancouver should wear shall read: "ICH BIN EIN… STUPIDER"

"Congratulation my dear Agent of Change, you are now …'Activated'!" said the Controller after the results from that November election came through.

"Hmmm. So Many Things to Do and Change, and People to Replace", "… So Little Time!" came the reply.

There is always hope though. One way to make them show their true colors is to pull a "King Solomon trick" on them.

And then watch them do what they'll always do, splitting the Baby Vancouver in half! You think? Trust me on this one!

But here's the kicker. What you just read (less Ezra Levant splendid monologue), was written… two years ago! Two years in which, this Mayor and his Vision party managed to hang on for another term, continuing their Quixotic fight, now against Kinder Morgan proposal, pushing for "green" jobs, mostly dependent on "charitable" donations for activism type business, two years in which no one paid attention to the Harry Potter behind the curtain. Till now. When it gets serious, because the Foreign Charitable Investors are calling back on their loan…

Now, as they say, Bullshit Walks and Money Talks!

I'll end with a little anecdote: "Once upon a many times, Gregor went to New York with Magee and others and spent thousands of your tax dollars on things you'll never find out…oh, well, mostly on meetings with executives from the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) only a hugely capitalized eco-activist organization, of the Greenpeace pedigree, with members of the RBF (Rockefeller Brothers Fund) money dispensing partner, and last but not least "The New School" nursery graduates linked to the Tides US…"

I suggest that all Vancouverites shall start asking:

"Who's baby, is Baby Vancouver?"

As a matter of fact… I insist on it!

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

– post by Glissando Remmy. For Mayor Robertson's viewpoint read his Vancouver Sun op/ed or listen to him on CBC Radio One's On the Coast.

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  • Someone’s been smoking too much BC bud, perhaps, and they have become convinced — wrongly — of their own eloquence. What a waste of space (and I don’t even support Vision, for God’s sake!)

  • Too funny. GR goes on at length about the background of the mayor, from behind his nom de plume. If who you are and where you’ve been is important (and I think it’s crucial in matters of public governance) we need to be asking why this critic so beloved by climate change deniers and fans of character assassination can’t live by his/her own standards.

    We live in Vancouver and Gliss keeps his anonymity!

    (apologies if yr a woman, but his/her didn’t keep the rhythm of the original tag line)

    • Elaine Nesbitt

      Chris Keam, just out of curiosity, could you point to us… the stupid people that we are, who don’t seem to understand what’s going on unless someone like Robertson or you or Vision appointed people would tell us… what exactly do you find not true or out of line in GR’s comment? I could take you point by point, and for LOL, everything he wrote is in the PUBLIC INFORMATION domain, only now you can read it in one comment. It’s called research/ writing/ opinion, whatever. Of course, if you go ask your Vision friends, there is a big conspiracy against the Green guru of the West… ha, ha, ha. I can’t stop laughing. We all know who his campaign contributors are, how much it cost to have him appointed (elected), now it’s delivery time. I think GR painted a pretty good picture of what’s going on. Well done!

      • Max


        Chris K has been tying to pull the cloak off of Glissy for a while now, he’s made the same comments on Frances Bula’s site.

        As the saying goes…If you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.

        Glissy is bang on with his insight and has made interesting comments well in advance of certain issues that have arisen along the way. Such as calling the ‘RIZE’ public meetings a sham well in advance of the final vote. It was done and dusted before 150+ people took time over a period of nights to have their voice heard.

        6 nights of pre-sceduled meetings, a high profile council vote, and Councillor Stevenson didn’t have the ‘time’ to review the information prior to the final vote? He abstains……Give me a break – most of us in the private sector would have been shown the door at that point.

        Let’s face it, the people of Vancouver have no voice with city hall, unless it has some ‘green scheme’ attached to it.

        • Steven Forth

          You mean GR has a message one can attack?

      • Hi Elaine:

        My hunch is that there’s more to G.R. than that of a erudite individual with a mono-mania for bringing down the mayor. I’m a skeptic when people claim to have nothing but the public interest in mind, much Remmy. I respect that part of his approach, if not his/her decision to remain unaccountable. Simple as that.

        • Sorry, ‘much like Remmy’.


    • Bill

      The decisions that GR makes has zero impact on my life so his background is irrelevant. The Mayor and his merry band of Hollyhucksters do have an impact on my life so the Mayor’s backgrounds story is important. Now if anything in GR’s piece is inaccurate then point it out but spare us your desperate attempts to deflect the issue yet again.

  • boohoo

    Funny, I was told anonymous commentors was against this blogs policy. I guess the repetitive, pseudo-wit is too much to pass up for some.

  • The Angry Taxpayer

    Well, you’re here, boohoo…fair’s fair, n’est ce pas?

  • boohoo

    I mean authors of the posts. I was told I would be required to give my real identity to have an article posted.

    • Higgins

      boohhoo, submit one!
      Who stops you? Then… complain,.

    • When it comes to anonymity, an exception has been made in Glissando’s case. Anonymity is something we uphold in terms of our commenters. It’s not something we encourage from our contributors. However, Glissando has a long track record of commenting on the topics covered on this blog and others. He approached us about writing last year and we accepted. I can tell our readers I have no idea who Glissando Remmy is, and his/her identity has not been revealed to any of us here at City Caucus. All of our writers are held to the same standard when it comes to the accuracy of the information they present in their arguments.

      • “Anonymity is something we uphold in terms of our commenters. ”

        Sorry Mike but it seems some animals are more equal than others.. and some of us have long enough memories to know that the claim you do not expose the true identity of anonymous commenters is simply not true.

        “A man known as “Richard” regularly posts pro-cycling comments on”

        • Richard made no attempt to hide his identity, using his own name and email. In fact, on some occasions he signed with his full name if I recall correctly. You guys really posted a lot of comments back in those days so it’s hard to recall every circumstance. But do you really want to catch me out on a tiny contradiction like that, even if it is one? If it makes you feel better, fill your boots, I say! We don’t agree often, Chris, but I appreciate your contributions.

          • Max

            ‘Richard’ has posted pro-cycling comments on this site, France’s site as well as letters to the editor in the Georgia Straight.

            He chooses to use his real name, so I fail to see the issue that you are trying to create Chris.

          • It’s irrelevant how I feel Mike. The point is that your policy isn’t applied evenly, which isn’t fair. It would seem you extend this courtesy to your supporters, but not your critics. That’s not a good example of democracy in action IMO. As I’m sure you know, ‘real’ media outlets have very strict rules about publishing work by anonymous authors… and for good reason. I think it destroys your credibility frankly, but it’s your site, so you’re free to apply the rules in whatever fashion you see fit. I’ll continue to ride G.R. on his/her real identity, because I think it’s in the interest of transparency and honesty, two values I’m given to understand he/she values highly.



        • Ned

          Chris Keam… who-are-you?
          If this your real name… do-I-care?
          Answer yourself to this two questions please…

  • Higgins

    Great read Glissando remmy!
    I see some people are getting upset on you, wow, isn’t that a surprise! For writing something that should be amounted to “say it as it is”
    Everyone knows Robertson ‘s entry into the local politics did nothing but bring the worst from our down South neighbors. Money buys politicians and super expensive campaigns buys City Halls that caters to the ubber rich.
    Shall I remind you all how Penny Ballem And Sadhu Johnstons got their jobs? Panel interviews, executive search… like that, LOL!
    Vancouver city Hahahall… talking about “character assassination” CK? Aren’t you a fun to play with, Vision puppy, now? 90% plus of the City’s senior management was “assassinated” by Vision Vancouver and this mayor in the past three years!
    THeir main objective. Period.
    How about that? Or that’s ok with your standards?
    Pity no former city employees are speaking out, that would make a nice post, to find out the ways they were treated and terminated!
    And talking about anonymous writers… you and boohoo, LMAO, I don’t know you or ‘of you’. Even when you give your full real name, so what, am I going to care now? BTW, CK now that I know your full name, what does that makes you? More knowledgeable? A truth preacher? Now I can trust you more? Ha, ha, not in your dreams!

  • Hurf McDurfen

    I can’t even read this article. Stop trying to be clever and write like a normal human being.

    • Thought of The Day

      “One two buckle my shoe
      Three, four, knock at the door
      Five, six, pick up sticks
      Seven, eight, lay them straight
      Nine, ten, a big fat hen
      Eleven, twelve, dig and delve
      Thirteen, fourteen, maids a-courting
      Fifteen, sixteen, maids in the kitchen
      Seventeen, eighteen, maids in waiting
      Nineteen, twenty, my plates empty”


      Let me make it easier for your eyes then.

      2005 January…
      Gregor Robertson Who?… Kick me in the nuts, if I
      2005 April…
      Candidate Robertson for the Masses on the NDP bandwagon, playing tuba.
      Wins. Whaaaa?

      Early 2008…
      One year left out of four boring, unsatisfying, mandate years in Victoria… ayeeee!
      Light bulb idea!
      Tears in his eyes. “I waahhaant to be Mayor, I can’t take directions from Carole James anymore, it kills my free spirit!”
      Forces by-election in Vancouver. $600,000 plus, tax payers money later, the Money People from San Francisco to New York start pulling their long beards, asking themselves “How much this time?”
      Raymond Louie and De Genova put on a nice show, making the Vision nomination for Mayor look authentic. $2,000,000 later… bike lane promises, the renowned Vancouver apathy, Peter Ladner’s own jinxed start… wins!

      CM Judy Manager is Fired. New CM Penny Ballem is Hired. Severance package gets paid. Big deal.
      “A drop in a bucket!”

      2009 Early Winter…
      DCM Jody Andrews is helped out to walk the plank…
      Frances Bula serves a quick “memorial service” on her blog. Who to hire, who to hire, hmmmm…
      Enters Aufochs Sadhu Johnston of Chicago via Hollyhock… Who?
      My point exactly!
      2009 early Spring…
      Glissando Remmy writes “Ten Little Managers”…
      though, in retrospect, he is off at least one dozen!

      Bike lanes; Bee hives; Chicken Coop Sanctuary.
      Wheat lawns, Johnny the Friendly Goat, a Stanley Park Children’s Zoo resident, gets his eviction papers.
      Olympic Village gets a nice Bailout!
      Vancouver taxpayers on the hook. Still on in the tens of millions of dollars.

      Winter 2010
      Oh, yeah, baby! Show time! It’s our time to shine!
      Schmoozing and oozing at the Vancouver Pavilion , mingling and tingling, touching shoulders and hips with… can’t read actually as most of the names on the FOI request sheet are blacked out! Hmmm…
      More bike lanes, public meetings, open microphone lessons.

      2011 Election year!
      Stanley Cup Finals Win & Party… good!
      Stanley Cup Final Lost & Riot … good, not Mayor’s fault.
      Police Chief Chu – not his fault.
      City Manager Ballem – not her fault.
      On the contrary, they all need to be compensated more! It will come.
      Occupy Vancouver! Spare $1 Million, please, Sir?
      2011 November…
      …the Money People from San Francisco to New York start pulling their long beards, asking themselves “How much this time?”
      … more bike lanes. Vancouver’s renowned apathy.
      Wins. Again. 18% of the total voting population of Vancouver managed to cozy them back in office.

      2012 Doomsday Year
      Mid winter. The Director of Planning, walks down the Boulevard, he doesn’t see it coming. Typical Hit and Run. Still looking for clues.
      Controversial Development “Rize”-es a whole Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Inside City Hall the Kabuki Theatre actors, are taking their places. For six nights their white make-up looks undisturbed. On the seventh night they deliver…
      Development ahead -Check!
      Oil Tankers through the Georgia Straight/ Burrard Inlet… to be continued.

      I didn’t even have to take a leak, twas that fast. Putting this down on “paper”… it came out naturally.

      … anything else, Hurf McDurfen?

      We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

      Brent the

  • Doug

    It’s interesting to note that the Mayor’s opposition to the oil shipping comes at a time when his government has cut the budget of the sewer separation/replacement program.

    Vancouver’s sanitary sewers have regular overflows into the harbour and the City had a plan to ensure that all the sanitary flows would be directed to the sewage treatment plant by 2040. The recent budget cuts to the Sewers Utility have slowed that down. It is it a crisis? Maybe not, but it seems to fly in the face of good environmental stewardship.

    Mayor Robertson is talking about a risky situation that could cause an environmental problem, when he’s been cutting programs that seek to eliminate an ongoing environmental problem.

    • Steven Forth

      Now that is something CC should investigate.

  • Max

    Lets’ face it, Robertson and Vision are just playing their way into (or back into) provincial politics.

    And if that happens, we are truly all screwed.

    Just as a side note: Robertson was described as an uneffective MLA when he was at the provincial level.
    (Vancouver Sun) From my point of view – not much has changed on that front.

    • Waltyss

      Max, baby, snookums, he would have been described as “ineffective”, not “uneffective”.. But I appreciate that grammar (or logic for that matter) is not a biggy with the rabid NPA crowd.

  • Karla Sofen

    Where did the simple plain failed organic farmer get the $2,000,000 campaign kitty to run for mayor anyway? He’s literally bought and paid for.

    The Trans-mountain Pipeline has been in operation for 60 years. I think they should not have even said they were increasing capacity. They should have said they were doing a “safety and environmental upgrade” to their 60 year old pipeline to insure against the possibility of spills for the next 60 years.

    If 60 year old tech is safe – proven so in 60 years of operation – how can anyone argue that a modern pipeline isn’t? It’s bull. The Mayor is doing the bidding of his foreign masters.

    The local environmentalists are being played for fools and being manipulated. This proves more than anything that our local greens can’t be too bright and can’t think for themselves.

    Where the hell was all this money when it was needed to fight the pine beetle? Our mayor and his friends battled to save the beetle from control by pesticides. Look what happened? It literally can bring you to tears to see the BC forests destroyed as you drive along the Coquihalla highway. Where were you guys when we needed you?

    You’ve long ago used up your quota of “wolfs”.

    • Steven Forth

      More drivel from another of the cowards afraid to comment using their real name.

  • Richard Unger

    Dear Glissando,

    I can’t say how much I enjoy your posts, and comments.
    Useless to say that you posses a great knowledge of the human nature and an even greater power of observation. This is my honest opinion.
    Astute – is probably the right word for it.
    I want to accolade Max’s comment above, I don’t know how, but you’ve been right on, on so many issues in the past, that sometimes I start to think that you really are “many people” considering the amount of research and knowledge behind every comment or post.
    Whatever it is, you’re doing a great job.

    Now back to the topic.
    I want to ask the Mayor Robertson’s shiny armor polishers the following: How many Millions of dollars were spent by the city of Vancouver and BC Province taxpayers , in the past three and a half years in trying to get GR elected?
    While an ineffective MLA, he forced a by-election in 2008. That, cost the taxpayers a bundle, than through his newly adopted firing/hiring strategy at the city hall, he hemorrhaged the city of millions of dollars in severance packages, lawyers fees, HR searches… than the total lack of judgment and care in dealing with last year’s riots… it’s mind boggling.
    How come no one in this city wants to talk about this? And with this last oil tanker adventure he really went overboard, and stepped out of his mandate.
    As Ezra Levant pointed out in TV appearance, he is one vote on a vast panel. So far, he is only one pointing in the wrong direction.
    I wonder why.
    All I can say about this guy and his Vision council is this:
    They turned the lives of the most disadvantaged people up-side down, liberal gentrification in the DTES, increased parking fees in the West End and surrounding areas, affecting seniors, families with kids trying to enjoy an afternoon in Stanley Park, and so on.
    It feels like the whole city is quarantined, all while the Vision people are pulling strings behind an oil pipe.
    I voted for some of the Vision guys and Robertson in 2008, NONE of them in 2011!
    I still pinch myself in anger. It was all so obvious!

    Thanks for reading,

    Richard Unger MD (Ret)

  • Waltyss

    Ricky, sweetcheeks, here’s the problem. Some 18,000 more people voted for the Mayor than voted for the banshee that the NPA ran. It’s that pesky thing called democracy.
    And let’s not even mention the non-entities the NPA ran for council. One of them (Francis Wong) has just been banned from running in 2014 because he couldn’t get his shit together to file financial statements or pay the fine. But I guess he was Chinese, and that should have been enough to get him elected. NOT!
    And Ricky, honey, when you start quoting Ezra Levant on anything, well, you have just labelled yourself as a whack job.

    • Max

      Waltyss, cream puff…..

      I read your ‘democracy’ rocks claim over on the BCTF blog – sorry, but 18,000 voters out of 600,000 residents does not a majority make. (Funny the synergy between the two blogs)

      You took a cheap and rather racist stab at Francis Wong, okay – you have that right, in a democratic society.

      But remind us again, who paid the debt Vision was carrying, what was that…$350,000 or so …and how long did it take for all of Vision, Mayor included, to file their financial disclosures, donors etc the first year in. (A hint, it was over 400 days and well past the legal deadline)

      Fine paying, well let us not forget Robertson and his fare evasion ticket. The ONLY reason that finally got paid – his financial backers were pissed at him and told him to deal with it. I actually got a great laugh reading Robertson’s recent comments on ‘fare evasion’ and collection of outstanding fines – what a hypocrit.

      And what is going on with his ‘foster’ son’s court case? I couldn’t help notice how desparately the Vision operatives worked to distance Robertson and themselves from the kid. Sad. But then ‘perception’ is everything.

      And there has long been rumor about ‘Amy’s’ greenhouses on Cortez.

      So if you are looking to play the cheap shots, name calling game, step up to the plate. I’d be more than happy to oblige.

    • Calling a retired family doctor, in his 70s if I recall correctly, a “whack job”, it’s all that the average Vision Vancouver voter can come up with, eh? You can call me names if you want, see if I care!
      Dr Unger, I do apologize on this guy’s behalf, and I want to thank you for your patronage.
      BTW, what kind of name is that… Waltyss?

      • boohoo

        “Calling a retired family doctor, in his 70s if I recall correctly, a “whack job”, it’s all that the average Vision Vancouver voter can come up with, eh?”

        Good point (sort of, the idiocy of lumping in this guy with ‘vision voters’ notwithstanding), yet you remain strangely silent when the insults fly the other way. And here, they fly a lot.

    • Richard Unger

      Waltyss and boohoo,

      I most definitely didn’t see this coming!
      Back in my days I dealt with people like you all the time. What I see in your comments is a putz grandstanding of undetermined origins, Sirs!
      I would have given you the time and day… then, as I was Medical School boxing champion!
      Today, I’ll simply call you for what you are. A Vision Vancouver Wusses!

      Your sincerely,

      (maybe I’ll use this nick from now on)

      Thanks Glissando. Boxing champ! I can fend for myself 🙂

      • boohoo

        Uhh, yeah. I was actually agreeing with GR that insulting you is cowardly. But way to prove my point, yet again, that when you disagree with someone here, even when you misunderstand my post you just blindly associate me with vision. Not even sure how you went from A-B there, but yeah…good job.

        • jenables

          Blindly associating you with vision is a great sentence. Personally I think vision blindly associates themselves with vision, and I blindly associate you with Eeyore.

          • boohoo


            I’m glad you think it’s a great sentence, not sure why but ok. I’m also glad you acknowledge that you haven’t really given your thoughts much brain time, but rather just reactionary verbal diarrhea. I can only hope if you actually decided to think about it, you would come up with something more interesting.

            Dare to dream I suppose.

  • gman

    The really sad thing is that most people don’t even know what a Change Agent is or how they execute their international agenda.

  • Mira

    “But here’s the kicker. What you just read (less Ezra Levant splendid monologue), was written… two years ago! ”
    And that’s what I like about Glissy, he surprises us with “insight” that at times sounds far-fetched or impossible to admit to. Like, noooo, he’s not seeing this right, he’s waaay out-there! Yet, with a stubborn precision, he’s time again, bang on! I would yet to see a politician whit so much wit under their belt, like Glissando,(if you would only want to become one) 🙂 Someone needs to bring honesty back into our city’s politics. Yes Sir! Don’t even get me started on the Provincial politics, phew!

  • Michelle S of Mt Pleasant

    I am trying to type while simutaneously wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes…….bloody fantastic image above of Gregor, Glissy, you are too good for words…..keep up the fantastic body of work!

    Gregor has finally done it……he has gone and lost his mind! I cannot wait till he and his Vision cronies are taken to task for all of their political infidelities….

  • Ned

    You always put a big grin on my face Gliss! Excellent post. You probably found out by now that the punks in the Hall already spent our money to put a motion banning everything they do not agree with, and playin ball in accordance with what Gregor’s masters wishes.
    Go figure!
    Nothing but grandstanding but NDP’ers trying to make a name for themselves, ahead of next year provincial. look at the picture how Constance”DUI”Barnes is sticking her head out like a chicken for corn.
    Mayor Robertson is not fooling anyone with his lame discussion on Insurance. Jack of all trades, master of none, since day one!

  • Terry m

    Keep those politicians honest Glissy!

  • Higgins

    IMO your post should have been printed in all dailies and periodicals in Vancouver… as the letter of the day or something. Period. Funny! But especially true. I wonder what the readership is for City Caucus. In any case, good job Glissando, I second terry above “Keep them honest!”

  • Thought of The Day

    “I would have left this message at the sourced blog, but I didn’t want to inadvertently double their traffic”

    One writer by the name of Sean Orr writes the following in the Scout magazine:

    “Some weird old person ranting about city spending or something: Baby Vancouver and King Solomon’s Dilemma. This is the journalistic equivalent of sitting next to your drunk uncle, the one with the bad gas and little white foamy bits in the corners of his mouth. He’s unbuckled his pants and now he’s talking about how you can’t find anywhere to “park your damn car nowadays”.

    … and I loved it! 🙂

    Now, all things being equal, I too see Scott’s piece as the equivalent of a Seagull smudge of shit on my windshield. No biggie, a bit of Windex, it’s all that’s needed.
    BTW my dear Swift, I will accept the “weird old person” name calling only if you admit to be in the toddler stage.

    To this end, I will leave you all with the short Molière’s character Alceste from Le Misanthrope (1666):

    “My hate is general, I detest all men;
    Some because they are wicked and do evil,
    Others because they tolerate the wicked,
    Refusing them the active vigorous scorn
    Which vice should stimulate in virtuous minds.”

    I hope you’d get this, Stanley!

    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

    • Ms Jones

      Not to worry, this guy Sean, cannot reach high enough to polish your shoes. As for as your commentary, wow, following Robertson laughable letter to Ottawa and to the rest of the world, LOL, you were again ahead of the predictable MSM apathy.
      Not that it was a secret for anyone.
      The Mayor and his Vision friends are trying to look busy in the absence of real work… for the city.
      On a different note, I just heard that David Suzuki, the man who sucked up dry at the teats of American charities, have preached to Canadians that environmentalism is “dead”. I disagree, his butt has been kicked out of the environmentalism farce he was part of, simple as that. He is crying out his lost status. Wow.

      • Higgins

        I’d second the “douchebag”, Ms. Jones! 🙂
        I also se4cond the “Suzuki” maneuver, complete agreement, he fell on his own sword, or better said he wanted all the cake , and eat it too. Bummer!

    • JJ

      Sean, one writer calling another writer… That is the sign of a douchebag writer! You are it!

    • gman

      Its a bad case of Glissy-envy.

  • Simon

    What on earth was that – a slam poem?

    Am I alone in not having understood one sentence in three in this article?

    • Fair enough.
      I will try to write slower next time.
      Now, let me see if you get this joke:

      Ahem… a dyslexic guy, walks into a bra… 🙂

  • jenables

    Dream on, Eeyore, dream on.