Housing affordability discussed this week

This afternoon the Canadian Home Builders Association is hosting a symposium on housing affordability. Details about the event are available at withinyourmeans.ca. CityCaucus.com will be in attendance Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. Follow @MikeKlassen on Twitter for updates from the symposium.

BC Housing Minister Rich Coleman is scheduled to speak, and Michael Geller is also invited as a panelist.

Here is the intro to the event courtesy of the event website:

JOIN US at HAS: Housing Affordability Symposium on February 2 – 3, 2012 to develop action-oriented strategies to lower housing costs and remove barriers to entry for all British Columbians. Let’s make market housing affordable and within the means of everyone.

Please see the HAS 2012 agenda

British Columbians live in some of the most expensive real estate in North America. The high price of housing is no longer limited to just Greater Vancouver, but has extended to most of the populated areas across the province. In November 2010, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC along with industry and government partners hosted the first Housing Affordability Symposium. This event was ground breaking and brought together stakeholders from industry and all levels of government to openly discuss the issues and solutions to housing affordability in BC.

The results from the symposium and the roundtable discussions have been compiled into this follow-up report: The Action Plan to Address Housing Affordability in BC. This Action Plan will form the foundation for future discussions among all stakeholders. At this year’s Symposium we will re-examine and report back on the lessons learned, innovative solutions and how each of us has worked to Build a Better BC by addressing market housing affordability.

The Second Housing Affordability Symposium will follow up to the first event and provide issue specific workshops sharing ideas to balance housing costs requirements and community needs. This event will revisit the Action Plan, review our collective Progress Report results and provide additional roundtable discussions between various government leaders, industry professionals and other related stakeholders to result in a revised Action Plan to Address Market Housing Affordability.

Have your voice heard. Learn the issues. Build the solutions. Take action and register today for this critical event.

UPDATE: Some very interesting discussion and information so far. Interesting to learn about the experience of Victoria suburb Langford, as well as Minister Coleman's insistence that we must get Little Mountain built as soon as possible. More perspectives to follow this weekend.

In the meantime, keep following the #HAS2012 hashtag for more live tweets from the symposium on Friday.

– post by Mike

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  • Julia

    everyone should read the document- it is excellent. Wonder if Gregor read it.

  • Ned

    He’s not into reading, Julia! Not about homelessness, not about the 1994 Riots, not about the difference between a planner/ engineer/ city bureaucrat. Only thing he reads is his bi-weekly paycheck stub from the city, and it says “you fooled them twice!”… for reassurance.
    HAS is a still born conference guys!

  • I’ve read part way through the action plan doc but then my attention wavered and fell off after seeing references to strategies for federal government involvement, while noticing the federal government in no way contributed or is represented on this doc.
    I’ve seen my fill the past few years of empty vessel zero billion dollar ideas, especially from Vancouver and metro representatives talking all sorts of grandiose affordable housing objectives – suject to higher levels of government involvement.
    I would like some indication that there is a ‘buy-in’ and involvement by the federal government, and not just ‘this is how we think the federal government should be involved.’

  • gman

    “Lack of education”……mmmmm seems we just haven’t been educated properly that we can be very happy living in a box with no parking no yard and hell we dont even need a living room because most of us go out for coffee,go figure.But dont worry,after you complete your education you will be way greener and understand the error of your ways.2+2=5 now do you want the red pill or the blue pill?