Kudos to Mayor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver team

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It’s late on Saturday night and I’ve been doing the circuit of media appearances for the better part of the last six hours. I had the pleasure of working with the team over at CTV, Vancouver Sun and CKNW tonight. Thanks to each of you for allowing me to participate in your election night coverage. It was a blast!

Well…the voters of Vancouver have spoken. They have chosen to re-elect a majority Vision Vancouver government to city hall. Let me first congratulate Mayor Robertson and his Vision team. They put on an extraordinary effort over the last few weeks and deserve their victory tonight. They have a clear mandate to govern this city over the next three years and I sincerely wish them all the best.

Suzanne Anton also deserves a lot of credit for her efforts. She gave up her council seat and decided to help unite the NPA team to take on the Vision juggernaut. In the end, her efforts weren’t enough to secure the majority she was seeking on council. However, at least now the NPA has two councillors and can get their motions seconded – ha ha. Kudos to both Affleck and Ball for making into the top 10.

The Green Party also deserves a lot of recognition tonight for making history. Adriane Carr has finally done it! Alongside Elizabeth May, they represent the future of the Green Party. She’ll have a steep learning curve in this first term, but she is a capable politician who will surely rise to the occasion.

I also want to recognize the efforts of every single civic politician who put their name on the ballot today. They deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. Becoming a public servant can often be a thankless job, which is why we should be so grateful more than a few folks are prepared to step up to the plate.

In terms of my future as editor of CityCaucus.com…well, as you can imagine, I’d kinda like my life back. After having stepped away from the blog last year, I returned to this post after Mike Klassen decided he was going to run for council. I committed to stay on until the civic elections were over. Well, they’re over. It probably won’t come as a huge surprise to many of you that I think it’s time for me to pass the torch.

As you can appreciate, I am very passionate about city politics and urban issues. But at the end of the day, this blog…nor any other, should serve as the "unofficial opposition" to a massive Vision Vancouver majority. When it comes to holding the Mayor’s feet to the fire, that job must be performed by members of council and the mainstream media. I trust that they are up to the challenge over the next three years.

I haven’t spoken to my good friend Mike Klassen to see what is in the cards for him moving forward, but for me it’s time to hang up my shingle – and this time my retirement is for real! I need to spend more time with my family, more time at the rink with my son, and much less time trying to ensure that democracy is well served at city hall. I’m pretty confident my decision will be well received by the Mayor and his political team.

I will be meeting with Mike in the next few weeks or so to determine whether he has an interest in taking over the helm of this blog. Once that decision has been made, you will be the first to know.

But until then I’ll be turning out the lights at CityCaucus tonight and bidding everyone adieu. I will continue tweeting in the days and weeks to come, so you if you’re interested in some of my post-election thoughts (as much as I can squeeze into 140 characters) you can always follow me there. You’re also welcome to continue reading my weekly civic affairs column over at 24 Hours Vancouver every Thursday.

This post will be the last up here for a while…however, I will be leaving the comments section open so you can continue to engage in the discussion.

Once again, thanks to all of you for having made the past three years so much fun…and kudos to Mayor Gregor and his team on their victory – well deserved.

– Post by Daniel 

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  • Canadian Citizen

    “But at the end of the day, this blog…nor any other, should serve as the “unnofficial opposition” to a massive Vision Vancouver majority. When it comes to holding the Mayor’s feet to the fire, that job must be performed by members of council and the mainstream media. I trust that they are up to the challenge over the next three years… You’re also welcome to continue reading my weekly civic affairs column over at 24 Hours Vancouver every Thursday.”
    Daniel… unfortunately I think you’re as objective in the mainstream as it comes. It’s a shame you are moving on because when I am unsure who to believe in the mainstream media, I browse through City Caucus. Hopefully you will be free to champion a dependable point of view at 24 Hours Vancouver. We need more political analysts with integrity like yourself.

  • Sean

    Well, I largely blame this blog for the NPA doing so poorly.
    Why? It was nothing more than a get Mike Klassen elected to Council format, and it failed miserably.
    The NPA nominated a poor choice for Mayoral Candidate, and got what it deserved…It’s luck to have elected the people that they did.
    The NPA has a lot of soul searching to do for the next three years.
    The Jennifer Clarke/Sam Sullivan types should be humiliated as to how poor the mighty NPA, a civic electors organization that has been around since 1937 is such a shadow of itself.
    Anything and everything that this blog opposed regarding Vision Vancouver exploded in the NPA’s face.
    Oh well, I guess Mike will have to get on with his life somehow, and we in this city are going to have to put up with Vision’s continued “management” of it.

  • Joe Joe

    Last week the NPA needed to turn only 4% of voters.
    All they had to do was: accuse Robertson-Chu of running a “briefcase” police service that puts 600 patrol officers on the street while 800 ‘suits’ perform dubious 9 to 5 office work.
    Trust me: at any given time only 1 response team cop is available for each 7,000 of his wage payers. And that is generous because an extremely high number of cops are on phony “stress:” leave at any one time. At one time, 22% of Boston police were taking money for nothing on that basis.
    Police service acts prohibit political direction of police field operations. So why does Vancouver’s chief of police defer to the City Mayor on law enforcement? Could all those joint smiling photos of Robertson-Chu indicate that law enforcement and crime prevention are unlawfully sandbagged in favour of political give-and-take?
    Let me assure NPA alaves: your blind support for cops is answered only in their recognition of your pathological refusal to subject a parasitic entity that grabs over 23% of the budget, to the type of scrutiny warranted by persons expected to serve with public purpose.
    Prediction: the NPA will field yet another wallpaper candidate in 4 years and suffer an even more humiliating loss. Imitate a doormat and you will get stepped on.

  • http://www.citycaucus.com/2011/04/backroom-deal-will-likely-cost-cope-dearly-in-upcoming-civic-election
    “However, let me be the first to predict COPE will end up being the biggest losers in this cozy arrangement come the November civic election.”
    “…I know come 2011 that voters will be looking for someone to blame regarding the lack of consultation on a myriad of issues and COPE will have some explaining to do. That is, unless they can find their political backbone – and soon.”
    “The bigger problem facing COPE and its two elected officials is the real threat that they could be wiped off the electoral map in the next civic election….even a small resurgence of the NPA in 2011 will kill COPE’s chances of hanging on to their two seats. The battle will be between the NPA and Vision, with COPE being squeezed out of the picture.”
    You were spot on Daniel! And as for COPE’s performance at the polls, one seat on Vancouver school board, punished to irrelevance on council, tsk tsk, but no surprise.
    I wonder if David Chudnovsky is feeling yet like the sanctimonious chump that I’ve assumed he was since orchestrating the Vision/Cope “coalition”.

  • Julia

    Tonight’s results don’t come as a total surprise although I had hoped for a minority council to keep things honest.
    I worry about my city. I am one of those people that either know to much or perhaps don’t know enough to feel comfortable with what I read and see.
    It would be a shame to see CC fade into obscurity but I fully appreciate the time and energy it takes for very in return but cheap shots from posters. I hope someone will take up the torch and carry on. I also hope that a good holiday will allow you the opportunity to change your mind and at least contribute from time to time.
    Daniel, thank you for providing people like me an opportunity to listen, learn and talk with others about our city.
    All the best.

  • Steven Forth

    I hope CityCaucus will continue, you have developed an engaged audiance that includes people with many different points of view. And urban areas are entering a phase shift that will transform how we live and do business in cities. Lots of discussion, and disagreement, is needed!

  • Richard


  • Steven Forth

    And I second Julia’s comments.

  • ccrider

    Sean, I agree 100%, they set the tone for the NPA campaign long ago.
    Citycaucus RIP.

  • ccrider

    GlissR. … Welcome to Jamaica, Man!

  • Jason

    They are popping open the champagne bottles at the mayors office this morning. Not just because they won, but because they won’t have this pesky blog nipping at their heels anymore. They can now truly run the city they way they want to and be accountable to no one. With the possible exception of Alex Tsakumis.
    You and mike deserve a load of credit for what you and all the other writers have done here in the last few years. I’ll be sad to see it all go. First Public Eye Online folds, now this. Doesn’t bode well for the future of online bloggers.

  • bobh

    Very sorry but not surprised to hear of your planned departure. And surprised to see the election results for Vancouver. The voters have spoken and obviously they have been happy with Vision’s management of Vancouver’s affairs. I have always believed that the voters get what they want and deserve and they want more of Gregor and his team. The NPA should disband and encourage another slate organized political team to organize an effective opposition. The voters have twice decided that they do not trust the NPA. Listen to the voters folks.

  • skippy

    I agree with Julia and Mr Forth’s comments. City Caucus has provided a forum for an exchange of views and it has focused me on civic issues digging into and analyzing COV annual reports, council meeting minutes, minutes of the police board, actuarial reports and among other things, COV reports on bike lanes. Thanks and look forward to the 24 Hours columns.

  • Traysea

    What a major let down by the NPA during this election campaign. It is no wonder they lost and we are going to be subjected to Vision Vancouver’s abuse of power for another 3yrs. None of the candidates for council or the parks board had any platforms dealing with real issues in this city.
    Suzanne Anton whined daily about the riot and occupy vancouver which people got sick of hearing.
    I don’t know how these idiots even thought they had a chance of winning when focusing on issues like past events or ones soon to be.
    I am one citizen that wanted vision vancouver out and was not hopeful based on the NPA and their weak campaign. What a let down. Its pretty pathetic when candidates are given facts and evidence showing how vision vancouver has lied and abused citizens of this city such as the dog owning community and not one person makes this public. Aaron Jasper must be having a real good laugh right now but I think I will eventually have the last laugh.
    You may have gotten re-elected Jasper and maybe that is for the best as now you can be held accountable for all your lies and your complete abuse of power for the last 3 yrs.
    There are 145,000+ dog owners that you and vision vancouver have been harassing and abusing for the last 3 yrs which the media would not report on during this election. But I am going to make it my mission to ensure the public knows all about you Mr. Jasper Jerkoff!!!

  • brilliant

    Gotta laugh at all the disingenuous “I disagreed with you but oh please don’t go” comments. Once a certain multi-handled cyclist rolls in, that retch inducing sham will be complete.
    Dry your crocodile tears, and go celebrate Moonbeams victory, and remember where you were the night Vancouvers slide into playground for the rich and developers gathered “critical mass”.

  • Barry

    Wow. Looks like lots more unused bike lanes are going to be going in.
    Looks like lots more toy cars aka goofy electric things. At least the City and Board of Parks came to relize the the smart cars were certainly (As Kelly Bundy, who lots of times seems a lot brighter than mayor moonbeam does, would say) was an exercise in fertility. Look for happy juice on every street corner now.

  • Michael D

    Hey Daniel,
    I didn’t always agree with you posts, but I always read them! And I share the other comments with little faith in MSM–they have been lapdogs for Vision. The first bias in reporting is what they choose not to report, and there’s a lot of not going on.
    Lots will miss this blog. Understand why but sorry to see you go.

  • Daniel – you’ve done your best with this blog and had some notable success – perhaps more than you can see and definitely less than I like!
    Mike Klassen – you gave it a hard run and came short – no disgrace in that.
    Whether City Caucus continues or not is up to you and your readers but as an opponent polically, I salute you for your efforts.
    Sadly, most citizens in this fair city are hard pressed to even exercise their democratic right to choose who governs us – a small duty that takes 20 minutes every 3 years. You have both, on the other hand, dedicated countless hours, days, months and years to promote your views and let others disagree.
    For those interested in my intial comments on the Vancouver election – not that I will ever replace City Caucus! – you can go to:
    And I’ll have more in my 24 hours/The Tyee/blog column on Tuesday.
    Best of luck to both Daniel and Mike!

  • Oh man, who am I going to make fun of now? The world of slimeblogging has lost a true trailblazer.

  • Daniel
    I’m very sorry to hear you’re stepping away from CityCaucus.com. But, more than most, I appreciate the reasons why. Done right, this kind of work is a 24/7 job without much compensation. If the public wants these kinds of alternative media sources, they’re going to have to step up and fund them. I congratulate both you and Mike for working as long and as hard as you have adding your voices to the civic debate. It’s a public service – regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum.

  • boohoo

    Well, I will miss the blog. I just hope future campaigns learn–negative doesn’t work. I’m glad Carr got in for a different voice, how different we’ll see. I voted for 4 NPA and none got in…lol.
    As a side note the total sweep in Surrey is bad new as well. 100% control is not a good thing…

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of The Day
    “Thinking about it… after seeing the results of this 2011 Election, who would in their right mind, would want to administer a city who voted this bunch of Visonaries back in for a second term? Oh’ wait, they gave George W. Bush, a second term in office, didn’t they? American monies, American handlers… Americans…”
    Not a single elected candidate… COPE RIP!
    I wonder how does that makes you feel?
    Pact with the Devil? You bet. Good riddance though.
    Too bad you didn’t read my words back then:
    This term, VISION & comp. will effectively continue to trash this city to the point of a possible civic uprising.
    Now that the Vision School Board is back in business how many schools do you think are going to receive their walking papers, 5, 6, 7… on the East side but of course? Take a guess!
    How many business are going to be boarded up along the dumb separated bike lane routes?
    Are you going to see the sun, from behind the new high-rises that are going to replace those viaducts?
    Looking at the map of how the vote was distributed, a very disturbing image comes to mind.
    People bordering west-end/kits/ DT voted literally to erect a wall that would keep the other Vancouverites out… a radical NIMBY thing.
    Bye bye Stanley Park, English Bay, the Theater District, Waterfront… as the next thing to go up are going to be the new parking fees, who knows … DT entry fees, pricier amenities… to pay for those new raises that the handpicked City staff will have to be compensated with… now that their Penny jobs are secure for another three years.
    A few days ago Robertson said that he doesn’t think his kids will be able to own anything in Vancouver LOL, well, now that you’ve re-elected him, the joke is on you, as by doing that you just made it possible for your kids to never be able to do just that.
    Just wait.
    I’ll be still writing about civic issues, and how this city has gone stupidly rogue, even if it’s going to be from Jamaica, man!
    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • Jason Mogus

    If this blog kept to healthy discussion and creative ideas for true debate and general urban improvement, I’d welcome it’s remaining open. But since I’ve been tracking you’ve only been a hyper partisan attack blog/dog with an extremely closed perspective, reactionary and exclusively anti-Vision. In a word, BORING.
    You could use your smarts to spur useful debate on important urban issues instead of being so predictable and brittle. I’d encourage both of you to do some personal work and move beyond your personal disappointment and anger with being out of power because I know your creativity and passion and ideas could serve a higher calling in making our city better because I know you do care.
    But as long as you’re just myopically destructive and anti-everything this group or the city under its management does, am quite glad to see you go.

  • Aaron

    Speaking of negativity, with the exception of Bill Tieleman, all of you lefties are truly a piece of work. Classless actually.
    Do you ever listen to yourselves? If it were up to you, the NDP would be running the city, province and federal government with not a single member opposing them. Guess because you are doing work of the gods. Pls, listen to how negative and vindictive you people are. LISTEN.

  • david hadaway

    Well, some of your long term critics are really exposing themselves for the nasty pieces of work they are. Ignore them. The comments from Bill Tieleman and Sean Holman sum up any thinking person’s reaction when the range of public discourse is diminished.
    I hope it won’t happen, but if goes forever this blog will be sadly missed.

  • gman

    I would like to thank you guys for having an open and uncensored blog,it has allowed people to express themselves far beyond what one would think a subject is about.And to those on the left who think youve won something I would say you have closed your eyes to the evidence and sold out this city for an agenda you may not even understand,here is a quote from one of your own heroes,one of the fathers of your manipulation. ” If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence.” – Bertrand Russell. Thanks again Daniel and Mike,I hope there is some way it could carry on.

  • KWL

    Vision, NPA, all the same really. Both parties are there to serve the developers. I don’t think the “left” won anything by Vision retaining council. Save for a few bike lanes here and there. And really, are bike lanes solely a “leftist” issue?

  • boohoo

    Of course not, the whole left/right paradigm is just a mindless way to easily understand politics. Divide and conquer right?
    We get what we deserve.

  • The Angry Taxpayer

    On this, we agree.
    To our detriment.

  • gman

    Boo,I guess I should have said “those that consider themselves on the left” I do agree with your point,I think its a generalization thats easy to understand.Thats why the system in Vancouver is flawed,it lends itself to slate voting and low turnout.How many people could even name ten councilors let alone all the ones that are competing and whats important to each,which one do they hound if they have a problem in their neighborhood?Which one is really responsible to them ?

  • George

    Thank you Mike and Daniel, it has been a pleasure discussing the issues with everyone here…
    Glissando Remmy, chris (one of many),Julia , Max, david hadaway, boohoo, Chris Keam, and many I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention…
    Especially you gman…I’ve learned a great deal from you.
    It has been an honor…sometimes our debates have been rocky but debate usually is..
    I wish you all well, and hope to connect again soon..:-)
    This is actually very sad…I will miss you all..
    Holidays Best to you all, and happy trails..

  • Hey Sean & Bill,
    Thanks to the both of you for your very thoughtful comments. Very much appreciated!
    And to everyone else who wrote a supportive note, thanks so much. I will be back here in a few weeks to let everyone know where CityCaucus.com goes from here. Until then…Go Lions Go!!!!

  • gman

    Thanks so much George and I will DITTO that,we had some laughs and I hope we will have more in the future:)

  • chris (one of many)

    thanks George
    I do believe that forums such as this hold an important role now.
    Yes, many of them are quite partisan but at least people can throw out their ideas and have other people participate.
    The main stream media can’t cover everything and much of public debate now seems to end up being ‘WON’ by those who yell the loudest ,or know, and influence the most powerful people.
    I have enjoyed reading the comments, participating, and most of all experiencing other readers write about things that I was unaware of.
    It does strike me as sad that the voter turn out was only 38%.
    I know many people who just said they’d given up thinking that their opinion mattered.
    A sign of the times.
    Maybe we’ll at meet again on another forum 🙂

  • Doreen

    Thanks, Daniel. Your perspectives have been appreciated.

  • You mean “Jamaica mon”.

  • Terri Clark

    This blog has been a gift- keeping me apprised of COV issues, whether I agree with the writer or not. It would be a real loss if you folded your tent as this forum, I think, transcends politics. Of course, I do not know if this is generally a labour of love or a generator of income, and perhaps that’s the salient point. I’m just saying I would miss my daily dose of civic debate- there is so little out there.

  • Michael F.

    You guys have done a wonderful job. You have earned a long break. You are much admired.

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of The Day
    “Tomorrow is another day… even if it is rainy, cloudy and freaking damn cold outside, still, is out there for the taking… Carpe Diem!”
    George, back at you George!
    I also want to echo your comments, and send my good wishes to Daniel and staff @citycaucus… what a tremendous job you did guys!
    You filled in a big gap/ hole in an already sinking MSM boat! Thanks guys!
    And you know what?
    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and think about this… Frances Bula would have not closed shop if Vision were defeated, after all journalism is journalism and politics are politics.
    NPA fought the good fight with a number of very good decent individuals.
    It’s Vancouver’s loss. Period.
    Plus, I have a lot of writing in me, and you wouldn’t want me to start a competing @glissandoremmycaucus, now, would you!? 🙂
    So you take five, or six, or seven…
    I’m good, though…
    … in conclusion:
    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • You guys were my first………………..blog, that is!

  • boohoo

    “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and think about this… Frances Bula would have not closed shop if Vision were defeated, after all journalism is journalism and politics are politics.”
    True, this basically proves this was just an NPA blog. I don’t know why they pretended to be something else.

  • Julia

    boohoo, give it a rest.

  • everyman

    Funny, I don’t recall “Sean Orr” or “Jason Mogus” ever contributing anything to the discussions here, and yet now they decide to show up running off at the mouth. A true testament to their character, or lack thereof.

  • Terry M

    What a bozooo you are boohoo!
    Actually Glissando is sending a very powerful, invigorating message considering the latest news and the result of this election campaign.
    Hats off to you Glissando!
    NPA blog?
    I wonder how many Vision blogs are there operating at face value and how many are operating from behind fences? Fabula… civicscene…. vancouverobserver…etc etc etc.
    BTW for all Vision voters VANCOUVER did NOT elect this punk Robertson and his Vision gang, far from it… 38% wewnt to the polls and 53% of that actually checked their names. making it like what…18-20% of the electorate? ONE FIFTH of Vancouver!!!
    So as per Julia… drop it!

  • boohoo

    A bozooo. I’ll add that to list.
    Am I wrong Julia?
    For a ‘non-partisan’ blog I wonder why you would just up and stop the day after a certain party got their ass handed to them? Hmmm, curious that!
    It’s not a bad thing, they can do whatever they want. It’s just pretending they are something when they’re not that’s…odd.

  • IliveinVancouver

    GR …. Didn’t you try writing for this blog, I think I recall 3 or so posts. In baseball, referred to as 3 strikes you’re out. Doesn’t bode well for your own blog… better to stay in a farm team or just continue commenting from the cheap seats.

  • Julia

    or boohoo, someone makes a personal commitment to see a project through to a logical point in time – like an election.
    We would be fools to say that Mike and Daniel did not have a political bent – but I consider that different than professional policy spinners. I never saw a sanitizing of debate and that take far more courage than you are currently displaying.
    We ALL have political bents – even you.

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of The Night
    “Your name says that ‘youliveinVancouver’ but your message says that ‘youliveinAn-Delusia’!”
    I wrote 2 stories for this blog. There was NO DEAL between me and City Caucus on how many I was supposed to write, I had complete freedom of subject, style, wording… It was my decision to submit no more than two, because of some time restraints on my part at the time being.
    The ‘three strikes you are out’ you pulled in your message it is… the cheap shot, that you are implying, a shot fitted perfectly with your pen name.
    I am, nor was part of a farm team, however, surprise, surprise, the only farmer that I know of… sits on your team.
    So there… happy now?
    Now let me tell you the joke with Mr.UP and Mr.YOURS in the elevator…
    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • boohoo

    Not sure what lack of courage I’m displaying? I’m not saying anything new…perhaps other than surprise at how this just died with the election.

  • Julia

    boohoo- what sort of timing would suit your sensibilities?

  • boohoo

    Like I said, I’m not saying anything new. Everyone’s acting like this is a funeral, it all just goes to prove my point. I’m not gloating or anything, I’m not happy with the results of the election either. But come on…

  • IliveinVancouver

    ‘If you’ve heard this before don’t stop me because I’d like to hear it again’ … Groucho Marks

  • Julia

    Boohoo, ever heard of burn out? You have obviously never managed a blog. Ever heard of people committing to see something through to a logical conclusion and then re-evaluating next steps?
    Seems to me this is a classic example. If Mike does not return to the blog, Daniel is on his own. Reverse is true. As someone who manages a blog myself – working alone is simply too much, especially when you need to moderate, research and write EVERYTHING. So, now that the election is over, and the dust starts to settle, and Mike has a better sense of the next 3 years… I am sure after a few weeks of holidays to tend to the burn out we will either see some new faces here to carry the torch or a sad but understandable retirement of this blog.
    Daniel, enjoy that holiday.

  • gman

    George,on the chance this blog shuts down I wanted to share a link to a different perspective on whats happening in the world from a man that is actually there on the ground.I think you will find it very different from what the MSM propaganda machine in the west is trying to sell us. http://tarpley.net/ Take this info and weigh it for yourself and I hope you find it interesting.After all open discussion is what kept me coming here.

  • George

    Thanks gman…

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of The Day
    “After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to let my tomcat do whatever he wanted with your comment…”
    Good job, kitty!
    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of The Day
    “I can’t explain all my jokes on a ‘one to one’ basis.”
    If you didn’t get that, ccrider, you don’t have the prerequisites needed to read and understand me.
    What can I say… my loss!
    So, there goes your comment too:
    Good job, kitty!
    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • Steven Forth

    The idea that you can understand current politics by dividing us into left and right is not very helpful. Do you consider me to be on the left or right given the following positions.
    – Governments should not pick winners, let the markets pick winners.
    – Make sure that markets capture full costs and if they don’t redesign the markets so that they do.
    – Invest in public goods: art and scienticic research, education, health, basic transportation and access to public goods.
    – Make sure the tax system does not favour capital over labour or vice versa.
    – Mandate outcomes, not processes.
    – Distribute decision making (one reason market solutions can be powerful).
    – Maximize transparency. If it would be available on a Freedom of Information request just publish it to the web.
    – Design for diversity and let evolutionary forces work (another reason I like markets).
    – Eliminate entitlements.

  • Steven Forth

    No Terry, the people of Vancouver did elect Robertson and Vision. We all had the choice to vote, some chose not to, of the people who chose to vote the majority voted for Vision. That is how Canadian democracy works. The NPA tried hard to outspend Vision but the majority of people who cared enough to vote voted for Vision. I voted Robertson for mayor as all in all I think he has done a good job and I generally agree with his direction (I agree that developers have too much sway over Vision and the NPA though). I also voted for Sean and Mike and was dissapointed they did not get in.

  • Ned

    The NPA’s body is still alive, warm, and barely breathing, but the vultures are already circling…
    ccrider, iliveinvancouver…Guys say what?
    You could not wash dishes for Glissando remmy, even if she lets you!
    Your pathetic shots at GR are so laughable. We got it. The best crooks with the biggest lies and the biggest check accounts won.
    I would have liked to see what others, that visited this blog have to say about this, Mike, Daniel…
    Now ccrider & iliveinvancouver, piss off. Both of you.
    Steven Forth, nice coming at CC and at least being decent in your comments. Not like the two above.

  • Mira

    Mike & Daniel,
    “I think the guest columns of people like Mike Geller or posters like GR are often well received. Perhaps, you could look at expanding the columnists which would require less time for each of you.”
    As per Paul above, I think that would be a very good idea, of course having the complete support from all the parties. Not only that your blog would become the apex of a new type of media but a focus blog for several subjects and interests… not that it wasn’t, but still.
    Also Paul, I hope that by GR you meant “Glissando Remmy” right?
    Despite some of the Vision hacks wishing him, to just fade out after this election,I see he is stronger than ever, and hope not only that he will continue to be the… voice of reason, but even more.
    Good luck to Mike, Daniel, CityCaucus, Michaelo Geller, Glissando Remmy, Paul Hilsdnon, Kate Marshall, Gordon Price and to all many previous columnists…
    Think about it, this site has been closed for the past few days… still look… I’m here.