“Greenestocracy” about to get a big boost from Vancouver City Hall

Talking green, versus cutting green (grass) now in vogue at Vancouver City Hall

UPDATE – July 13, 6:00 am: Vision Vancouver ended up passing their 162 page green manifesto into law. Amazingly, Deputy City Manager Johnston admits they have not determined what this will all cost tax payers.


Earlier this week the City of Toronto announced they were preparing to offer buyout packages to all of their 50,000 employees. It’s an effort by Mayor Rob Ford to cut his deficit and bring Toronto’s fiscal house in order. It’s a move that is in stark contrast to what is happening on the west coast in Vancouver.

Despite a lot of huffing and puffing at 12th and Cambie about a core services review and getting back to basics, Vision Vancouver have done little to trim the size and scope of government. The reality is that Mayor Gregor and his Chicago native Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston are about to embark on a hiring frenzy that we haven’t seen in years. If you don’t believe me, check out this 162 page manifesto that’s about the get the “green” light from City Hall.

There may not be enough money at city hall to cut the grass on publicly owned boulevards, but there will soon be plenty of cash for the Mayor’s “green” jobs. As one city staffer told me last week “if your job description has anything close to the word green or sustainability in it, rest assured you have real job security. The new hires are part of what we call the “greenestocracy" around here."

In fairness to the Mayor, he did promise to create 20,000 new green jobs in Vancouver by 2020 (a promise he has since watered down). But who would have thought they would have all been funded or subsidized by city taxpayers?

I received an email recently from an outraged citizen who couldn’t understand why the Mayor was hiring so many “green” bureaucrats. The note they received from the City’s human resources department was canvassing them for qualified candidates to apply for three enviro-friendly positions.

Those positions include a Climate Policy Analyst which pays $46.26 per hour plus health and pension benefits. The job description states:

Develop and/or implement a variety of climate protection projects to achieve targeted outcomes, including project schedules and budgets, and establishing project teams and partnerships. Develop climate protection policies, plans. Research Provincial, Federal and other international initiatives and regulations. Track progress on international GHG protocols, and establish reporting processes to ensure City compliance with those protocols. Research carbon and offset market developments. Additional duties as assigned including, responding to public or stakeholder inquires, applying for grants, coordinating and following up actions from internal City dept working groups, and acting on behalf of the Climate Programs Manager on internal and external committees to leverage stakeholder support.

A second job posting the City advertised was for a Sustainability Business Relationships Manager at a cost of $106,177 plus health and pension benefits. Although the title might sound a bit innocuous, the job description is very succinct:

The Sustainability Business Relationship Manager is the primary contact for client departments in strategic sustainability matters and is responsible for supporting General Managers and Directors/ Division Heads throughout the City of Vancouver to achieve the City’s environmental sustainability goals and targets. The incumbent provides strategic advice, subject matter expertise, information about best practices, and a connection to external sustainability partners, resources and funding.

The Sustainability Business Relationship Manager leads a team of 2 to 5 advisors and as such, is responsible for people management, mentoring, coaching and career development of the team.

If that weren’t enough, later today Council is being asked to approve in principle the hiring of a new Policy Analyst/Water Conservation at a cost of over $100,000 including benefits.

This newest member of the greenestocracy is being hired to help implement the Mayor’s water metering program. It’s hard to believe that nobody within the 9000+ workforce could have been transferred into this position, thus negating the need to spend even more tax dollars.

It would appear that everything "green" at city hall these days is turning to gold. Whether you’re a lucky Greenest City grant recipient, or merely a volunteer on the Lawns to Loaves program, these are indeed good times.

Take for example what happened to Andrea Bellamy, a young woman interested in the Mayor’s program to convert Vancouver’s front lawns into mini-wheat fields. She recounts on her blog how she wanted to grow wheat in order to make pizza dough, but didn’t have any land to do it on.

In our new “green” era, the lack of available land to grow your own crops no longer appears to be a problem. Just call up City Hall and tell them you’re working on a green project and…presto, you get free access to very costly publicly-owned land.

Here is an excerpt from Bellamy’s blog explaining how easy it is to get a wink, wink, nudge, nudge from City bureaucrats (emphasis ours):

Of course, I still needed a place to plant my wheat. It just so happens that there’s a City-owned field adjacent to our community garden. Recently, West House, a demonstration sustainable laneway house was built there, but there was still a lot of field left for dandelion cultivation. So we decided to use it. It’s not really guerrilla gardening, since, when asked if we could use it, the City said, “what the heck” (or something along those lines), but we’re all aware that this is borrowed land.

While I respect all the blood, sweat and tears Bellamy is putting into her project, I can only imagine in a few years how some folks will holler blue bloody murder if the City decides to take back this property. I appreciate that she acknowledges it’s "borrowed land", but that won’t make giving it back to tax payers any easier.

It would appear that Bellamy’s first attempt to become an urban farmer has been a success. I saw a big patch of what looks like wheat growing there yesterday as I zipped overhead on the SkyTrain. Bellamy writes:

It should be ready for harvest around the beginning of September, and, if all goes according to plan, we’ll be enjoying pizza baked with our own flour this fall!

As we head ever closer to the November election, you can expect Mayor Gregor and his greenestocracy to begin making an announcement a day. New $450 water meters. A new tax on plastic bags. More wheat fields. It’s all part of the new reality known lovingly as Vancouver City Hall.

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  • Brad

    I love the term greenestocracy. It helps to describe a class of people who are pushing out all these organic food products.
    If you work at 7-11 for min wage, just imagine how the greenestrocacy would impact your standard of living.
    Carton of eggs. Organic $6. Reg $3
    Bunch of carrots. Organic $7 Reg $2.50
    Milk. Organic $6 gal. Reg. $4.39
    Loaf of bread. Organic $5-7. Reg. $1.79 (at Walmart)
    As you can see, the new green aristocracy have great jobs, loads of money, are full of guilt and don’t give a sh*t about whether low income people can’t buy their groceries. It’s a total scam.

  • boohoo

    What? No one is forcing you to buy organic groceries or anything else.

  • Since it’s beneficial for society to share the benefits of healthy food and healthy living, why has this recent economic divide between the haves and have-nots to organic food affordability been allowed to unfold unquestioningly by “progressives” where organic products come at a premium for such a fundamental need?
    I count this one high on the list of hypocrisy.
    Boohoo, do you buy organic food? If you do, why do you think you are willing to pay a premium for it unquestioningly?

  • Max

    I grew up on a farm and everything was organic.
    At that point in time, GMF wasn’t in discussion. There wasn’t all the herbacides and pesticides around.
    It is interesting to see society reverting back to practices that were changed in favor of growing everything bigger and faster. And resulting in more profit. We also weren’t importing produce at that time.
    I am currently growing organic heirloom tomatoes on my sundeck and I can tell you, they aren’t costing me $6/lb.
    Hey, if you give me $5,000, I will allow people to come look at them and learn where there food sources come from!

  • RoKeSca

    Vancouver (n.) Coast Salish meaning “fools’ paradise”.

  • Max, I’m growing veggies on my West End sundeck too: lettuce, cherry/bush-champion tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, spaghetti squash, zucchini, basil, cucumber.
    It’s not really taking up a lot of room, and it wasn’t a result of any shallow whimsical Greenest City initiative-of-the-day.
    I love the surprised reactions from people when I tell them the tomato plants were grown from seed I kept from last year’s crop. The looks on their faces is as if I just performed a miracle or some slight of hand alchemy.

  • boohoo

    “Boohoo, do you buy organic food? If you do, why do you think you are willing to pay a premium for it unquestioningly?”
    I do for some things, I don’t know why you would assume I do it unquestioningly? What are you getting at…

  • Bill

    It doesn’t matter which side of the climate debate you are on, there is absolutely no justification for a local government to have a “Climate Policy Analyst” on staff.
    We are no longer rich enough to be this stupid.

  • What I’m getting at is stated in my first paragraph.

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of The Day
    “Which came first,the Registered Charity Chicken or the City Hall Green Job Egg?”
    Yeah, I think that would be a good question to ask the Solomon crowd.
    What, are you surprised that the two comedians Aufochsbott and Gregcostello are looking for staff to man up the newly invented positions?
    I’ll give you some new job titles on the same line as this ones, if you allow me. Here (all managerial position with the possibility for advancement):
    Dirty Thoughts Experimental Surgeon
    Migratory Birds Entertainer
    Bullshit Laser Removal Manager
    Goat Droppings Symbolist
    Organic Food Stamps Collector
    Backyard Chicken Linguist
    Extinct Species Revival Specialist
    Verbal Compost Analyst

    The election of Robertson as Mayor and Vision as majority in council must have been one of the biggest cons perpetrated on to us humans, locally.
    Here it goes…
    After so many years of having to pay all those 6 figures salaries to executive director positions in registered charities, societies and foundations, most of them comprised of one or two people, a desk and a phone (one doesn’t need much in order to do money transfers from one to another) after all this time of sucking up dry on overhead, it finally struck the Solomonists that is about the time, which by the way is running out for them, to cut the losses and transfer a bit of taxpayers wealth into their coffers, as according to plan, by simply planting more of their ilk in well paid ‘seat pillow warmers’ city jobs. Their very first plan.
    Their only plan.
    Planting an incompetent City Manager was bad enough; bringing a phony from Chicago through the back door, on a false premise on a non advertised position as… Deputy, was like adding insult to injury; firing competent staff and to humiliating them to the point of them giving up and leave (only to be replaced by friends of Hollyhock, through a nepotistic selection process) was Intimidation 101 for Bullies, that became clear; but then to concentrate on trivial pet projects like bike lanes, bee hives, chicken coops, community gardens and more recently wheat fields and tricycle deliveries, all while the city parks were suffering, the children amenities were closed down, and even to the point where the City of Vancouver was Burning …literally… it is unacceptable.
    And what’s with this ‘green’ $tuff?
    $u$tainable…organic…natural…free range…free run…geothermal…net zero… $olar panel$… green roof$…akai berrie$… chia… ethical bean$… flax… holy crap…happy water added to concentrated powdered juice, but happy … hemp t-shirt$…climate change…global warming… please give generou$ly…$$$$$$$
    Used to scare the shit out of the law abiding City Mouse and make him buy the overpriced produce from the Country Mouse shyster disguised… Fat Cat.
    Because this is what they all are, in reality. All of them… Solomon, Ballem, Robertson, Aufochs, Magee and the rest of their Vision pals… a Meowing Organization of Fat Cats, that feeds on Vancouver mice and that chose to use Vancouver as their personal litter box.
    Someone once said “There are no Cats in America!”
    And they were right! They all moved up north to Canada, Vancouver, BC…via Cortes Island.
    Well, I have news for them…Vision Fat Cats.
    ‘You are about to run out of Litter,out of Luck, and be run out of Town. You want to know why? Because…
    We live in a Vancouver Cat Trap Game and this keeps us busy.

  • rf

    when oh when do we get our Rob Ford.
    I may have no interest in getting to know the guy or letting him hang around my kid…..but at least he knows that the civic gravy train is out of control and is willing to stand up to it.
    The greenestocracy (and it’s flock) are fortunately ignoring his progress. They are too distracted by the left wing media trying to take a pound of flesh over Pride week in Toronto.
    He’s slashing ready to slash city hall staff and nobody cares (except for city hall staff).
    For the first time in my life I think I’m ready to side with the rank and file $40k-50k grass cutter, pot hole filling, garbage collecting city workers.
    The only garbage is filling the AA office space at Broadway and Cambie.
    How on earth they are prioritizing adding $500k/year in disposible earth title managers (and benefits forever) is beyond reason.
    Cut the grass. Fill the potholes. Collect the fines. Zone/plan the city. Catch the crooks.
    The rest of this stuff is pet projects.
    Next thing you know we’ll be voting to ban male circumcision, like San Francisco.
    The real excess skin is in city hall.

  • Max

    LOL, I know the look. Three of the plants I have this year are from last year’s seeds. Two of the plants are both over 5 ft now and still growing.
    I am kicking myself for not planting a tomatillo, they are fabulous roasted – they take on a whole different flavor than what you get say, by using them in a salsa.
    This year’s growing season is a lot better than last, even though the weather has not been great.

  • Max

    I have my own Climate Policy Analyst.
    It is better known as ‘The Farmer’s Almanac’.

  • boohoo

    Max it’s scary because I think you’re being honest. Please tell me you’re joking…..please?

  • Max

    It’s true boo, two of my plants are over 5 ft tall!
    Don’t be scared, they aren’t Trifids….

  • The Angry Taxpayer

    Lord thunderin’!!!!…they are lousy with this H.S. at Metro Van, too!! And we pay for THAT too! 2, 4, 6, 8…we just wanna duplicate!!
    Go ask your questions and get policy advice there, Mayor Rioterson…

  • The Angry Taxpayer

    *bowing* in awe…

  • Bill

    And our costs don’t stop with their salary and benefits because, unfortunately, they won’t sit in their offices and collect their paychecks – they will insist on doing something “meaningful” which means sucking resources out of other city departments, trips to conferences and, if we have really bad luck, ways to suck more money out of taxpayers through “climate initiatives” paid for with more user fees.

  • gman

    Max I like your analyst a lot,the almanac is right about 85% of the time.If you trade futures ie:corn,wheat,soybeans,OJ,coffee and such its the bible.I think it was a guy named Hertzil or something that started trading commodoties using solar cycles and sunspots a couple hundred years ago.

  • Birdy

    Andrea Reimer quote from the Sun:
    “I am not sure if (Klassen) has had time to read the report and have a good sense of the green economy, but green job creation in North America is three times the rate of other economic development.”
    Even if Andrea’s fantasy statistic was true it would be because the people in the “other/real/non-violent” economy are being robbed to pay for all these farcical green jobs.
    But, is the NPA willing to take a stand here and accept that job creation is NOT a responsibility of the government? Are they willing to distance themselves from the climate fraud collectivist agenda? Or will they continue to tow 1/3 or 1/4 of the climate fraud line in comparison to Vision’s full line tow? Please just let go of the rope..
    Want vocal support from regular sensible citizens who are currently politically exhausted from HST shenanigans? Promise to remove all the bus bulges, traffic enragement devices, separated bike lanes, etc. Angry hive-minded VACC activists surely make up far less than 1% of the voting public in this city, so as Sam would say, just “step on them.” Then cut all their funding, and don’t apologize.
    As others have said, where’s MY Rob Ford?

  • Bill

    “green job creation in North America is three times the rate of other economic development”
    If Spain is any indication to go by, this statistic is probably true because every Green job there cost 2 jobs in the “non-Green” sector. They only exist because of subsidies, either direct or indirect through mandating alternative energy sources that are subsidized by energy consumers.

  • MartinG

    The city is outrageous with its environment platform.
    I’m gonna keep gas guzzling until oil runs dry and the earth is decimated by global climate change.
    Hear hear to the good ol’ citizens like you guys, we on the right gotta deny everything until its too late then blame the socialists on the left for ruining everything
    give me a freakin’ break

  • Max

    @ MartinG:
    Question: What do you consider a ‘green’ job?

  • If I were a devout Catholic and Andrea quoted something verbatim from the Gospel According to Luke, I think I’d still want to do the background research myself.
    At a recent luncheon that I attended in which Joel Solomon was one of the speakers, he went on about Renewal 2 social venture funds, Vancity, social enterprise, investment funds in organic food production, expecting a 15% rate of return, hooking Whole Foods up with Capers, etc.
    The other speaker at the luncheon was an investment banker in from Toronto who was asked since 15% was a fantastic rate of return, if there were any mainstream green economy venture capital fund products available to invest in.
    His answer: Nope. Not on the radar.

  • david hadaway

    15% rate of return.
    As a number of very regretful people have discovered over and over again, if it’s too good to be true it’s too good to be true.
    But luckily for Gregor, Andrea, Geoff and Joel, and probably not in the immortal words of P T Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

  • This from Gordon Clark “Gordzilla” columnist for the Province
    Humourous approach, serious questions.

  • Max

    It seems the only people getting rich off the City’s green schemes is anyone associated with Joel Solomon.
    I’d be aking the question of who wrote the Green City Action Plan – and who will be benefiting from it.

  • gman

    Gerry if it works for them maybe we can save the arctic by getting rid of those pesky polybears whose population has increased from 5000 to 25000 in the last 20yrs.But seriously we should watch Australia very closely Gillard lied about the carbon tax to get elected but has now flipped.Jo Nova has the best info from down under,I would suggest a visit to her site.

  • gman

    Max I have said it before and been insulted as to my choice in hats,but I dont care.Ill say it again its the I.C.L.E.I that we have sighned on to and are commited to do certain things,one of which is metering co2,carbon Cadman is the big cheese there and they wrote the book on all this crap.Max there is a boatload of info.on this subject and I would very much like this blog to address this subject.I for one do not wish to be dictated too by unelected clowns who are under the blanket of the UN.

  • Jason King

    No doubt the green jobs will go to hollyhock green “experts”….the one thing the mayor has shown time and time again, he looks after his own with OUR money.

  • Higgins

    “Dirty Thoughts Experimental Surgeon
    Migratory Birds Entertainer
    Bullshit Laser Removal Manager
    Goat Droppings Symbolist
    Organic Food Stamps Collector
    Backyard Chicken Linguist
    Extinct Species Revival Spec”
    you are the master of your domain! This job titles could go hand in hand with any of the new jobs announced by the Thief in Chief Gregor Robertson.
    They kept a bit of info out of the official job descriptions, all the applicants have to be Hollyhock compatible, for that retreat weekend… Hope I’ll never hear of this freaking gang after the month of November. Hope they’ll take ballem and Aufucks with them.
    What KoolAid lemonade are you drinking? You people are really nuts!

  • boohoo

    No Max,
    Your belief in the Farmer’s Almanac. I would normally think it’s a joke but I don’t with you. I wonder if you regularly consult your Ouiji board too.

  • Paul T.

    I’d trust a Ouija board over anything Gregor and company spew, that’s for sure.

  • david hadaway

    I think you are getting confused between the Farmer’s Almanac and ‘Old Moore’s Almanack’..
    ..read by the terminally credulous since 1697.
    Even the latter is more reliable than the promises of Vision Vancouver.

  • gman

    Whoa Boo dont knock the the good old almanac,Max might have been joking but the almanac has been making general forecasts two years in advance since 1880 and are right 80-85% of the time.Unlike the multi billion dollar climate con industry who have never been right.I think you should get yourself a nice warm sweater cause their calling for 30yrs.of cooling.It is what it is.

  • This just out today-polar bears are IRISH! Really. So don’t even kid that way. 😉

  • Max

    Max wasn’t joing.
    My parents followed it and I grab a copy every year.

  • gman

    OMG Gerry I didnt know that,for shame Im a traitor to my own people.

  • Max

    Running off topic:
    I did my nightly Kits beach walk and was delighted to see the eaglettes at Vanier Park are learning to fly.
    It is the first time I’ve seen them outside the nest.
    For people in the area with kids or if you are going to be down in that area it is worth dropping in – it is fascinating to see them.
    The proud parents stay close by watching their young.
    Truly beautiful.

  • Max

    What, gman, you didn’t consult your ouiji board or magic 8 ball?

  • gman

    No Max my 8 ball is in the shop,but we can sleep easy knowing our countrymen up north are in the safe hands of carbon Cadman,Ill never forget his heart breaking speech about them at the 09 I.C.L.E.I extravaganza.

  • Max

    I laugh at how Meggs thinks that ‘decontruction’ in the building industry is going to create green jobs.
    Construction is a competitive business and they will work the contracts to be all inclusive, using the same workers to ‘deconstruct’ as they do to build.
    ‘New green jobs’ – zero.
    Additonal associated costs due to decontruction passed on to the end user…..my Magic 8 Ball says, ‘highly likely’.
    Affordable housing takes another hit.
    Did anyone read the Mainlander’s ‘decontruction’ on the STIR program? If not, it is worth the few minutes.

  • gman

    Max,Meggs said “the consultation was the election”.Well I guess thats that then,man what an A-hole that guy is.

  • Glissando Remmy

    The Thought of The Night
    “The only green jobs in the Construction Business, are those performed by the Security Officers while Patrolling the site before the construction begins. After the construction starts… not so much.”
    I can’t believe I did this… I’ve always said it is stupid, even went as far and call it idiotic, I still think it’s similar to joining on purpose a big crowd of people and start shouting at them strangers:
    “Listen up people, I’m going to take a shit, yeah, it’s going to be loud, it will stink, and I will keep my door open, I-don’t-care! Now you know.”
    All in under 140 characters… you guessed right, today after almost two years of complete inactivity, I Twittered all over myself.
    But you have to understand something, they (Vision) and the Mayor in particular, insulted my intelligence, they pissed off Glissando…
    Climate Change Analyst?
    No thank you!
    I had enough of this shmucks!
    There. And you my friends, will have to start being assertive, and start saying ‘No’ more often and louder.
    Gregor to the People:
    ‘And for my next pet project…’
    The People (interrupting):
    ‘Mr. Mayor, ahem… Up Yours!…ahem, No!’
    Or something like this, I leave it free style…if you catch my drift.
    One more thing. I am going to apply to all those ‘green jobs’ and I am encouraging you all to apply. Have you ever held a chicken in your arms, prepared dough for baking bread, made lemonade from scratch, added honey to your tea, watered your plants on your patio or in your garden, walked or biked around your neighborhood, recycled your containers, or wiped your ass with leafs in the woods…well, if you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the above, you qualify for any and all of these jobs.
    Autumn Foliage Senior Blower – $48/hour + benefits
    (you cannot make this one up people; apparently, Vision & comp…can.)
    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

  • Deconstruction, really now.
    Here’s a photo of the debacle of a “deconstruction” that took place at 1401 Comox a month ago. Daily seismic tremors from pounding concrete for a month in the middle of the West End, even though the Vision STIR show piece intended here was put on hold due to the community standing up against it, hasn’t gone to public hearing, and hasn’t been rezoned:
    @WENalerts: “2 weeks of 80 cu ft of rubble hauled away 6 times daily thru West End. All 1401 Comox needed was new roof #greenestcity”
    At what point will Vancouver display some intellectual honesty?

  • Bobh

    There was a time, not so many years ago when the City of Vancouver was admired for it’s astute financial management. The Reserve Fund carried the City through good and lean times. Hiring was carefully controlled and heaven help any manager who sent a proposal to Council without a complete financial analysis.
    But now that the NDP folks control Council it is a new game with new rules. Or maybe no rules. But let these Vision fools have their day. November will be here soon.

  • Max

    Andrea Reimer repeated that exact line in a Van.Sun interview, which by the way, is the same ‘excuse’ used when questioned about the bike lanes.
    Exact same line.

  • gman

    Max that reminds me of an old saying “democracy is two wolves and a sheep sitting around voting on whats for dinner”.

  • gman

    Max they also like to use what is called the “Delphi Technique” its simple,you give a small grant to very small special interest group in a neighborhood and when you have something you want to pass you notify the useful idiots as to when the vote is,they contact everyone they can and show up at the meeting and are really vocal,boom it gets passed,then they go on the news and claim they had a huge turnout and everyone was very posetive so we had no choice but to pass it.Meanwhile the average joe in the hood had no clue it was even happening,they read the paper in the morning and say what the hell happened,Oh well I I I guess thats what most of my neighbors want.End of story.

  • Yep, just like the West End Mayor’s Advisory Committee the notorious “f_ing NPA hacks” railed against.
    Do Vancouverites know this committee was given $10,000 from the mayor’s office discretionary funds (still OUR money) to conduct a push survey with leading questions on “community priorities” that barely anyone in the community knew was being conducted?
    It’s being used to justify rewarding developers with density increases in the West End.

  • Disgusted

    Andrea Reimer = Any Old Whiner.
    She always has such a sour puss, and is always such a scold, especially on this petty “feel good” crap VV is always rolling out.
    Perhaps we could buy her some Imodium to help her past her “blockages”?
    Because she is full of it.

  • Richard Unger

    Glissando Remmy, ha, ha, I clicked on that linked you posted. Some really funny and truthful material you delivered on Twitter. Busy! I think others may agree with me. But the one line I liked the most from your posts here is “Someone once said “There are no Cats in America!”
    And they were right! They all moved up north to Canada, Vancouver, BC…via Cortes Island.” Three lines, sorry.
    This is what we should call the New Greenstocracy, Daniel!
    The Five starts are from me CityCaucus!

  • Max

    Did you read the artilce on STIR, as posted on the Mainlander…?
    Worth the read.

  • city holler

    The real crime here is that this administration has cut the Environmental Protection Branch and is shovelling money into the Sustainability group.
    There does not seem to be an emphasis on regulated Environmental Protection in our City and truthfully people and businesses are polluting scot free.
    Three Environmental officers vs. 150 parking meter officers. Hmm.
    Any mention about receiving water quality in this program. No
    How green is that?

  • Max

    I see COV is hiring 5 new peeps to look after the graffiti problem.

  • I did and mostly agree with it and the Joseph Jones piece it links to, except for the misrepresentations by both Sean and JJ that NPA having been “uncritical of STIR”.
    Paying attention to this in the past year, I know that Bill McCreery, Sean Bickerton, Mike Klassen and even Suzanne Anton have come out against STIR.
    One of the critical components missing from STIR that was in the Vancouver City Planning Commission plan is a density increase limit of an additional 1.0 floor space ratio when rezoning. Joseph Jones seems to conveniently overlook that fact when he tries to suggest STIR is a continuation of the NPA’s VCPC.
    Instead now thanks to Vision, developers can arbitrarily shoot for the moon through rezoning by squeezing in as much density as possible on a single parcel of land, denying the community amenity and giving it to the developer just for building a rental make-work project.
    …So boohoo, in answer to your enduring rhetorical question given above, yes I would expect a different outcome with a change in government.

  • Max

    I can’t imagine living in 320-350 sq feet and find that supposed kind of ‘affordable’ or social housing reprehencible.
    The Mainlander is a big COPE supporter so will dig at the NPA in any which way they can.
    Sadly, a lot of people will read the info and take it for the gospel truth rather than reaserching the info further.

  • Julia

    Max, the cancellation of the graffiti program should have NEVER happened. Even city staff told PB that quite loudly but somehow, doctors know best. Heard a small ‘oops’ the other day about it being a wrong decision in a rare moment of humlility. Wonder what other ‘wrong decisions’ are going to surface soon.

  • Jessie

    check out page 28 of the greenest report from yesterday. it says gregor’s water metering program will create 50 new jobs. how many of those will be at city hall or funded by taxes? it says they will be auditing and installing. auditing what exactly?

  • Julia

    all this hiring while engineering staff are being run off their feet. The nuts and bolts folks… geesh.

  • Despite the heaviest snow packs this year, metro’s water committee headed by Tim Stevenson has approved a lawn sprinkling restriction that goes into effect next summer. Between 4am and 9am is what you get.
    Meanwhile we’ll just keep squeezing more people into Vancouver’s vulgar STIR projects while the city’s new found water policy analyst justifies why conservation will be necessary to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of climate refugees supposedly coming.
    Will the water metering get waived if we’re watering our wheat fields?

  • Max

    These water metres are in effect at the Oly Village – social housing and seniors units.
    There has been a recent dust up as the bills are much higher than those units attached to hydro.
    And lo and behold, the billing company, Enerpro has an ‘association’ with Solomon and Robertson.
    Tenants stated they were lead to believe this company was ‘big’ and lots of people were using them. Turned out not to be quite true.
    The entire article was in the GS last week.

  • Max

    Green jobs as descibed by the Mayor and VV staffers:
    It suggests 300 jobs could be created as the city expands its district energy program. Clean technology trade missions could bring 900 new jobs to Vancouver as companies relocate here, it states. And it suggests another 600 jobs could be created in urban farming, farmers’ markets, food processing and street food vending programs.

  • Max

    And Andrea Reimer weighs in: (truly, I need to start smoking whatever she does…)
    She said voters signalled their desire for a new green agenda when they elected the majority Vision Vancouver council in 2008. She said a referendum this fall is unnecessary because all the items that cost the city money still have to be approved by council.

  • gman

    Sorry Jessie,I tried to read it but Im afraid I might have a stroke,its like watching my granddaughter and her little friends play makebelieve in a land of princes and purple ponies.99.9% of the people I know are enviromentally responsible,its the same for 99.9% of companies because it keeps costs down.We already pay federal taxes to pay for something called environment canada,so if someone is screwing up we can give them a call.If I want to build houses or condos its worth my while to make them energy effective because they will sell faster.This whole pile of crap should show everyone that this has nothing to do with green,its social engineering and nothing less than that.If anyone is thinking of applying for one of these jobs you may want to think again,because come november it could be gone.

  • gman

    Max a referendum sounds good,maybe an online petition would be in order.Something has to be done to stop this snowball from crushing us all.Once this crap starts its very tough to reverse it.

  • Max

    Totally off topic but looking for feedback,suggestions:
    The Kits Music Festival is taking place Sat. July 23. West 4th is shut down from Burrard to Macdonald (by the city).
    The merhants from Balsam to Macdonald are not covered by the Kits BIA, therefore, no activites were planned for this area, however, we’ve been invited to ‘particpate’.
    We have been able to secure live entertainment, but, we do not have a stage & sound system. It is just too expensive for us to rent one. It is the local merchants of the 2600 & 2700 blocks covering off the cost, and most are small mom and pop shops. So this is an out of pocket expense for them.
    If anyone has connections or knows of a company willing to donate a stage and sound system, we in this area would be truly grateful.
    We are trying our best to bring some fun to this area, but it has been an uphill climb.
    Trying not to pull the plug on well…everything.
    Thanks all!

  • George

    just noticed a tweet in the side bar
    @CC staff the enviro fee is the million dollar question..here is what is on the best buy web site
    but apparently it is a head scratcher…
    If you are interested in a strange story, contact Free Geeks and ask Jessica about the “Basel Agreement” I believe it’s called.. many questions..very interesting indeed.
    I would do the explanation a disservice…where does the money go…hummmm

  • “I can’t imagine living in 320-350 sq feet and find that supposed kind of ‘affordable’ or social housing reprehencible.”
    The irony Max is that by the city’s definition, market rental housing at any price is considered “affordable” just for the fact that it’s rental.

  • David B

    Enerpro @ Olly Village
    And the Break and Entering continues.
    Like bandits on the Highway posing as ‘police officers’ it is all acting. Enerpro is a middleman company facilitated by the Vulture Fund Renewal 2 headed by Solomon with the full concourse of the City Hall whose involvement in the financing of the Olly Village looks now as premeditated.
    Enerpro acts like in a Mob protection racket
    It is way easier and cheaper to eat cake when you provide protection for the bakery you are robbing blind.
    Make sense.

  • Max

    Holy Crap!
    Tides Foundation scores big win in North Vancouver http://bit.ly/qAFqln City endorses their enviro plan http://bit.ly/mT2DOz

  • bob

    You might want to update your update to reflect the fact that Council did NOT approve the plan yet – they referred it to the July 14 Council meeting to hear from speakers.

  • Max

    Like that is going to change anything.
    As the keep telling us….’voters signalled their desire for a new green agenda when they elected the majority Vision Vancouver council in 2008.’

  • boohoo

    Max, you keep pointing that out as though it’s a total lie. Hate to break it to you–it’s not.
    Anyone go to the Little Mountain open houses this past week? Another major planning initiative in the City I’ve heard zip about here or elsewhere….

  • Max

    I point it out ‘tounge in cheek’. It is if VV keeps repeating their mantra, we too will believe it.
    As for Little Moutain, there are others on here who have discussed it, as well as the ‘tower’ they plan on building at Main & Kingsway were errr…another ‘mysterious’ fire broke out.
    Both fires by the way, are now to the benefit of the developers. (Just thought I would point out the obvious)
    Little Mountain has been written about in several medias. It is not going unnoticed. I do think it interesting that the development co that took over this property was in such dire financial straights that is sat for 2+ years. (Kind of like the Oly Village issues)
    Here is something to chew on, when the city was holding a ‘townhall meeting’ about the Main/Kingsway property, concerened citizens put up posters in the area to get others out to that meeting. The posters they put up were systematically removed under the new ‘Fulan Gong’ bylaw… or so they were told by thoses tasked with removing them.

  • boohoo

    Kinda like how ‘some’ are calling the riot Robertson’s riot?
    Stop pretending like this is something new or different.
    Man–you really see conspiracy everywhere though eh?

  • Max

    Sure boohoo,
    Because there is nothing strange when 2 fires break out within short blocks of each other and within a 6 week period, effectively clearing an area that is now being slated for a tower development over rebuilding the shops that were taken out.
    Any fire investigator will tell you, arson is very hard to prove.
    As for Robertson’s Riot, he is the bloody Mayor of the city isn’t he? Funny how most people saw the writing on the wall, yet he lived in his little Happy Planet world of denial.
    Just watched the noon news – the Sturgis North bike rally (truly wished I was there….)- even the council and police in Salmon Arm can figure out that extra police need to be brought in and the budget increased.
    Not rocket science.
    (and not sure about the rally that was set for Merrit this weekend.)
    boohoo, if you are going to come at me, you are going to have to do better.

  • boohoo

    Chill out Max–I’m just having some fun. You point out that Vision is doing exactly what politicians do as though it’s something new or different. That repeating something to make it stick is some kind of devious thing when our good friends here at CC do the same thing (as does anyone with an agenda).
    As for the fires, I don’t know why they happened–you (and others here that’s for sure) jump to conspiracy a little too quick for my taste, but hey, maybe you’re right. I don’t know.