Vision councillors don’t want to wear t-shirt problem

"It’s just a t-shirt, Ted," says Vision Vancouver ED Ian Baillie to GlobalTV

A t-shirt which was intended to provide Vision Vancouver supporters a chuckle is providing headaches for their elected officials. Yesterday media were responding to Coun. Anton’s objections to the "Bike Lands Make Me Hornby" Vision Vancouver t-shirt, saying it’s all well and good to have fun but not at the expense of residents, businesses and customers inconvenienced by the "trial" Hornby bike lane.

We note that no one – not even Vision Councillor Geoff Meggs (!) – would touch this t-shirt with a barge pole. Instead they sent out the glib-sounding Vision Vancouver executive director Ian Baillie. "It’s just a t-shirt, Ted," says Baillie. To that Hornby merchants respond, "it’s just my most profit-making time of year, Ian, but my customers can’t get to me."

It would have been nice to see someone – anyone – from the Vision Vancouver council to answer for the shirt, but apparently there’s plenty of room under Gregor Robertson’s new desk.

Perhaps we can assume that Gregor Robertson, Raymond Louie, Heather Deal, George Chow, Andrea Reimer, Geoff Meggs, Kerry Jang and Tim Stevenson are really Hornby about spending $3.2 million on a trial project, and the permanent loss of nearby parking, but just too shy to show it.

– post by Mike

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What on earth were Vision thinking?

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  • James Benoit

    What a complete waste of time, money, and emotion Vancouver Municipal politics is.
    They’re so bush league it’s ridiculous.
    They’re just shoveling money into a hungry blast furnace, and sweeping objecting opinion under the rug.
    This is the result of voter apathy. The only people who go out to vote (it seems), are those that represent, or benefit from special interest.

  • Tommy

    What you don’t see is a picture of the back of the t-shirt, which says “SUCKERS! LOL!”

  • Omoishiroi

    The same Ian Baillie that said this prior to Vision being elected “Vision wants to start a trial, we want to shut down streets [to cars] in the summer,” said Ian Baillie of Vision Vancouver, adding a trial period would help drivers adjust. “We’re saying let’s start slow, let’s have a trial.”

  • Bill

    Just further confirmation that the bicycle lanes are more about being anti-car than pro-bicycle.

  • To paraphrase the punchline of a corny old joke ” If the Foo shirts, wear it”…

  • James

    Did Vision’s spokesperson go to their special school of arrogance located on Cortez Island? Vision probably lost another 5000 votes with his condescending tone to the reporter. When will this mayor realize he and his minions are pissing people off really badly. I bet the next public opinion will reflect that in a month or so. Only 18% of the public voted for him in the last election. It won’t take much to topple him and his partisan public servants next go round!

  • John

    Low class. Par for the course.

  • Brent

    Another nail in the coffin. Bye bye mayor happy juice!

  • A citizen

    Is Vision Vancouver going to come out with a shirt to celebrate their support for backyard chickens too! “Vision Vancouver likes cocks!” they have already proven a penchant for sexual inuendo.

  • Higgins

    Have anyone noticed how all these androgynous reptilians have started to look alike? Check out the following: Gregor R, Sadhu J, Jerry D,Aaron J Brent T,Raymond L, Ian B, Jerry K,…all crew cut, dark suits, dazed looks, fake grins, f*%&k they even sound the same…Halloween Freaky – UNBELIEVABLE!

  • George

    OMG, Higgins you’re right… very freaky, almost like a little military of marching clones and yes men….