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To our valued readers just a quick note that we’ve been a little light on content lately as we enjoy a little much-needed downtime during the summer. We do have however a number of items that will be posted shortly that will be sure to stir up some debate.

In the meantime just a quick plug for a few features that some of you may or may not be aware of, available here at CityCaucus.com. For example, we have several social media feeds that you may be interested in signing up for.

Of course, there is the ubiquitous Twitter @CityCaucus, and as well as my own tweets @MikeKlassen. We also have a Twitter list that we quite like called CityCaucus Reads. This is our collection of Delicious bookmarks of stories we’re reading here at CityCaucus Tower, and that we think you might be interested in too. If you’re a Twitter user, be sure to follow our "Reads".

We also have an email list that many of you are already subscribed to. This is managed by Google Feedburner, and it is a daily index of CityCaucus.com stories that comes every morning to your inbox. If you’re not already subscribed, then add your email in the little form field at the top of our web page, and be sure to click the confirmation link in the subscription email you receive.

Facebook has become a real hangout for everyone with computers and smart phones. So why not sign up for our CityCaucus.com Facebook feeds too? You can find the link always at facebook.com/citycaucus. This is another place you can follow our Reads, get notices of new image or video uploads, and leave your own comments on our stories to share with your friends.

If you are a user of RSS for following our site, then be sure to add us to your list of feeds. Also, you can also access our Links page to find some websites that we think provide some interesting perspectives on city making, politics and other local interests.

If you are proud of your digital photos and want to share them, you should consider signing up for our Flickr photo pool with images from across Metro Vancouver or any other Canadian cities. Or you can just become a connection of our Flickr.com/citycaucus photos page.

We have been using video for much of our story-telling, and this is something we plan to expand in the months ahead. If you are a Google account user and have your own YouTube.com page, then be sure to subscribe to us at YouTube.com/citycaucus.

If you are Twitter or Facebook users, then consider Retweeting us (using the Tweetmeme button at the top of our posts) or sharing on Facebook (button at top) or just clicking "Like" at the bottom of our post. This will then send the link to your Facebook friends.

Finally, in case you weren’t aware, CityCaucus.com is an unfunded labour of love for those who provide this content. May we suggest then that you do one of the following if you like what we do.

  1. Send us a donation care of PayPal on our CityCaucus.com/support page. Any amount is greatly appreciated. You could provide us a one-time gift, or have it become a monthy gift within your budget. This can be discontinued at any time.
  2. Click on our Google ads. Believe it or not those clicks do add up. They are at the side of the page and at the bottom of our posts.
  3. Buy an NPA Hacks t-shirt! For each shirt we sell a couple bucks comes our way (we tried to keep it as low as possible through zazzle.ca).

Thanks, all, for following us and supporting CityCaucus.com. We think it’s going to be a very interesting time going into the fall, and you’ll be reading about it here of course.

– post by Mike

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