Are you an NPA Hack? You’re in good company!

Are you an NPA Hack? Get your custom designed t-shirt!

Are you an %@#*&! NPA Hack? Don’t worry, ‘cuz you’re in very good company. Thanks to Vancouver’s Mayor a new phenomenon is sweeping the city. Everyone wants to get on the NPA Hack bandwagon. Whether you’re a former COPE candidate, a card-carrying Vision Vancouver member, or a political blogger, we all have been slapped with the label by Mayor Gregor.

Why not wear it with pride?! Now you can. Buy your %@#*&! NPA Hack? custom t-shirt today!

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Vision attack dogs aim to crush Green Party's Mackinnon
"Sam Sullivan made me swear," says Mayor Gregor

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  • Awesome! 48,000 T’s should about cover the market demand in the West End for residents and visiting friends and guests… or you can just test the waters with a more cautious run of 38,400 (which is 80% – or roughly the amount of renters in the West End) and their friends and guests.
    No clue how many more needed in the rest of the city, or Africa… did you hear the story reached that far?

  • cfarber

    Sold! I just became an NPA hack (joined) because although I’ve never been involved in municipal elections before I figure anything that tweaks Robertson’s nose is a good thing!

  • Tom Hu

    I think you should also sell an uncensored version.
    And, please tell me that the typeface you used on those shirts is not Comic Sans.

  • Todd

    “No clue how many more needed in the rest of the city, or Africa… did you hear the story reached that far?”
    Hmmmm… the scuttlebutt is that Mayor Moonbeam’s faux pas has reached the depths of Africa and is also a topic of convo around the campfire by the Bushmen of the Kalahari. 😀

  • Ted

    I heard that sales of these shirts are going through the roof on Cortes Island. Just slip one on, roll up a big fattie and away you go, life is green, grand and oh so gregor like. I’ve got mine on order and will proudly wear it around town.

  • Barry

    Mike you are a genius. These shirts look great and I hope they catch on. I plan to order mine right now and proudly wear it to council soon! I’ve also ordered one for Garr as a Xmas gift. He should like it. A good reminder of what a goof his wonderboy has become.

  • The Angry Taxpayer

    Here’s what has just shown up on the Province online!
    Congrats, City Caucus!
    Oh, The Boy Mayor is going to be on Bill Good tomorrow am to further ‘splain himself.
    Popcorn, anyone?

  • david hadaway

    Surely Cortes Island should be given some made up traditional name to replace that £*@%ing Spanish colonial dude.

  • landlord

    @ Hadaway : “Traditional” name for Cortes? I smell a contest.
    It’s f**kin’ NPA hacks on the one hand and bikin’ Vision ‘hocks on the other.
    Pity the poor voter/taxpayer/citizen.
    BTW, when they say democracy cubed do they mean raised to the third power or chopped up into pieces with sides of equal length?

  • When Is The Next Election?

    They say, ‘Democracy Cubed!”
    I say ‘Democracy DENIED!”