This Thursday evening’s crowded social calendar

ryan merkley
Where U Gonna Partay?! Staffers like Ryan Merkley will be at Olympic Village Thursday

Thursday, April 15th is shaping up to be an exciting night. Of course, it’s the night of Mayor Robertson’s $34,000 party for 9000 city employees (or as Jim Green calls it, a "reception" for 9000) at the Salt Building on the Olympic Athlete’s Village site. It may seem like a drop in the bucket to some, but professional event organizers are still puzzling at how they can provide up to 9000 staff free beverages and nosh for such a low budget, but we know that the answer is three magical words: Bunny Luv Carrots.

Across False Creek another party is taking place with far less than 9000 in attendance, the first NPA pub night since their 2008 butt-kicking. We here at have puzzled as to why it took nearly 16 months of lacklustre governance by Vision Vancouver to hold a gathering, but now we’re beginning to see that it was a brilliant strategy. So many former supporters of Vision Vancouver are exasperated with the work of council, park board and school board that they’re crying out for alternatives – even the NPA.

And why not? The beauty of the NPA is that it has presented itself as an empty vessel for over seven decades. It is, within reason, whatever people have wanted the NPA to be. This Thursday that empty vessel will be filled with cold ale served at the Opus Hotel lounge, starting at 5:30pm. Organizers promise no carrots.

As for the City’s bash – well, as Vancouver taxpayers are paying for it, we’re not really sure who might show up. We’ve heard that even some DTES activists will be marching a bunch of homeless guys over to the Salt Building for carrots and other snacks. This, we’re sure will be fine with Mayor Robertson and his caucus. Be sure to RSVP to Sue Goddard at 604-871-6178 if you plan to attend the staff party.

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  • Higgins

    I cannot help it. If no one wants to say it , I will. Pigs will be pigs.

  • Bill McCreery

    The Blue Jackets weren’t paid & worked 10 / 12 hour shifts day after day. City staff were paid. Both did a wonderful job. But, why throw a party for people who were paid when those who were not are left out in the cold. Is this an attempt by Vision & Ballem to try to shore up a workforce demoralized by their own firings & cuts?
    As well, this $34,000 (questionable cost) bash + peripheral costs = 1 job of those laid off civic workers. I am sure a number of these workers have figured this out & will boycott the event in support of their colleague. I look forward to the attendance count.

  • rg

    Is this “reminder” really necessary? Just comes across as extremely catty, Mike. I would expect better from you.