Where to watch the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies

The LiveCity Downtown tent is now dubbed "Vancouver Paralympic House"

We’ve received several inquiries about where the public who do not have tickets can watch the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies Friday evening. Of course, if you want the full scale of the ceremonies, then you might be able to get a ticket for the show down at BC Place. But if you just want to be outside with everyone else to enjoy some of the Paralympic spirit on a Friday night, then you’re in luck!

A screen is being set up at Robson Square beside the ice rink for a live viewing of the ceremonies, starting at 6pm. Prior to tomorrow’s show, the Jim Byrnes Band will play from 4:15-6pm to warm up the crowd.

Also, LiveCity Downtown (Georgia & Cambie) will have the broadcast running live, both outside and inside the location’s food and beverage tent, which has been renamed "Vancouver Paralympics House" as a direct result of criticism that the Host City forgot to provide a pavilion during the Paralympics. LiveCity Downtown will be open at 1pm and they’re hosting a Torch Bearer welcome ceremony after 2pm. Throughout the day they’re screening videos of the Salt Lake City and Torino Games Paralympic Ceremonies.

It should be noted that both locations will also be screening the Closing Ceremonies, which are being staged up in Whistler, BC, on Sunday, March 21st.

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  • Oana

    What channel is broadcasting the Opening Ceremonies live? As far as I can tell, CTV is only showing it on Saturday.

  • Amar

    I can’t believe CTV is not airing these live on Friday. What are they thinking? What an insult to the athletes – not to mention the taxpayers across Canada who helped pay for the Games. Everyone should complain to CTV and get them to ditch Ben Mulroney and ETALK for just one night so we Canadians can see this event and pay tribute to these wonderful athletes.

  • Avrille Hewett

    I agree: These athletes who train and compete for these events with all their disabilities need to be recognized. They give such amazing performances, and should be given all the recognition they deserve. Both my husband and I are truly disappointed that CTV would not air the opening ceremonies live. I think they deserve even greater admiration than able-bodied athletes. But of course ‘politics’ in every situation prevails every time!!!!

  • George

    Shame, Shame, Shame, on CTV … very disappointing.
    What a terrible statement it makes to our athletes. I’m uncomfortable with this poor decision, especially when the Olympics are meant for ALL CANADIANS. I think our Athletes deserve better than a mention during a regular news cast.
    Ironically, as I write this, a commercial has come on CTV advertising Olympic goods that are still for sale. Excuse me while I change the dial…permanently!

  • JLN

    Not only did the rest of canada NOT get to see the opening ceremony live on Friday, but CTV also decided at the last minute to advance its broadcast to 1:30pm Saturday, despite announcing “2pm” for days in news articles – so we tuned in only to realize we had missed the opening part, including our national anthem. well done CTV. AT LEAST, give us the ceremony through on-demand TV here in Quebec.. make it up!