Vancouver 2010 Games’ success “measured by free”

We filled the streets in celebration & queued for hours to be a part of Vancouver’s party

Metro Vancouver, our province and our country can be immeasurably proud of the Games we’ve hosted. Something in the Canadian mojo made these possibly the most successful Olympics ever from the standpoint of how a host embraced them. We know that Los Angeles, Calgary, Barcelona, Sydney, Salt Lake City and Beijing all had amazing and memorable moments. But Vancouver has become the new benchmark for local success.

On Friday afternoon I decided to skip out from work, which has been all the more hectic from taking February off to promote the Olympic free events. However, a couple of family members still hadn’t seen the Mint pavilion, the BC pavilion, nor Canada’s Northern House, so off we went during that glorious last day of winter. At the beginning of it all I met with GlobalTV’s Brian Coxford, where we discussed how "free" made the biggest difference to the 2010 Games – see GlobalTV’s report here.

As Coxford states in his report, the success of Vancouver 2010 may be measured by "free" – that is, by the way the biggest Games’ stakeholders, you and me, were able to enjoy them without tickets to events. You can bet that for all future Olympic & Paralympic Games, "free" stuff will be a vital ingredient.

I must say that it really started to hit me only Friday that it’s all coming to an end. Heck, I’ll even miss waiting in line at The Bay for 45 minutes to buy a CANADA t-shirt – and I bet there are many of you who feel the same way. I’ve got some great video clips to remember our amazing journey since last January. There are a couple we haven’t published yet on our YouTube channel, so I’ll do my best to post them up soon.

Congratulations, Whistler, BC, who we learn from Brian’s report will be hosting the "Deaflympics" in 2015.

To the Vancouver 2010 Olympics & Paralympic Games we bid adieu. As my child said to me one day, "I’m so happy we had the Olympics. I’ll remember it forever." helps Mayor meet commitment to openness & transparency
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