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Vancouver throws a party at its LiveCity Downtown venue

Sometimes you get the feeling with some institutions that they’re going through the motions when it comes to the Paralympic Games. Take for example the Host City. Vancouver House after much political meddling was moved to a location it was known all along would be closed during the Paralympics, when the original plan was to showcase the city during both Games. Then, smarting from the bad perception this created for our Paralympians and the seeming slap in the face for VANOC, someone had the idea of renaming Live@LiveCity Downtown, the city’s beer tent, "Vancouver Paralympic House".

Now we realize that instead of committing to a full schedule during the 10-day Paralympics, LiveCity Downtown is closed for half of next week (Monday through Wednesday). And, in what seems a pretty short-sighted move, LiveCity Downtown locks the gates at 9pm! The thousands who poured out of BC Place right after the Opening Ceremonies learned this when they were told that the site was shutting down and to come back at 1pm the following day.

It’s no wonder that Sir Philip Craven, Chair of the International Paralympic Committee is furious about these kinds of slights. Yesterday he was quite vocal when he learned that CTV was refusing to broadcast the Opening Ceremonies live, saying he was “Not happy at all, full stop.”

Well, Sir Philip, you might want to put the City of Vancouver on notice, too. It’s a shame that we can’t even commit to organizing a decent celebration on behalf of our Paralympians. Judging by our calls and emails on the subject, the demand was there if only Vancouver had stepped up.

– post by Mike

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  • John

    Checked out LiveCity Downtown on the afternoon of March 13th.
    Only venues open were Canada and Manitoba pavilions, the “Vancouver Paralympic House” was empty for a smattering of people watching wheelchair curling.
    I think we could have shown the public, the Paralympians, and our visitors a better time; it seems almost an afterthought that we’re hosting the Paralympics.

  • david hadaway

    Seeing as it’s all about sport and achievment and the human family why aren’t the Olympics and Paralympics run together?
    You would almost think it’s really about nationalism, elitism and greed.

  • Maria

    And the poor coverage on CTV doesn’t help either. I was looking forward to seeing all those events I have never seen before only to realize that most of them are not being broadcast.