Where 2 Be for Free: media personalities reveal their top picks

CTV News anchor and CKNW host Bill Good shares his favourite "2010 free events"

Now that our Where 2 Be for Free guide has become such a big hit, CityCaucus.com thought we’d ask a few local media personalities which of the pavilions they plan to visit leading up to and during Vancouver’s Olympic Games. Over the course of the next week or so, we’ll feature their responses to our question right here in our feature post. We start off the series with CTV anchor Bill Good. Here’s what he told us when we asked him which venues he’d like to visit during the Games…

"I would probably start by taking my first ride on the Canada line to take in the O Zone in Richmond. It sounds like it’s going to be a happening place with a lot of fun activity and it would give me the chance to ride the newest rapid transit link which I’ve been hearing so many positive things about.

"I know I’d want to ride the experimental street car so I’d do that for sure and take in as much of the atmosphere as possible on Granville Island.

"Then one night I’d head for the laser light show and wind up at David Lam Park and take in as much of what that site has to offer."

Check back tomorrow when we feature another well-known BC media personality and his top three picks.

Ziptrek crews getting the lines ready for Robson Square
Counting down!

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  • gordon cavenaile

    I can’t make heads nor tails of this site; I’m looking for a list of free concerts, arranged according to performers, but have not been able to track down any such list. I do find lots of the usual hype, though. How about a simple brochure like lay-out of who’s performing where, when? It doesn’t seem so complicated.

  • james oborne
  • If images work on this comment page… here’s a QR Code for the “2010 Free Venue Google Map by Lisa”
    And if that doesn’t work, copy the Google map link http://bit.ly/bdfcu8 from the main page and enter it into http://qrcode.kaywa.com for free to make your own QR code.
    It’s probably one of the easiest ways to put the map on your smart phone.

  • Gordon, which venue are you looking for?
    We’ve included links to the schedules at the LiveCity Vancouver sites and Richmond’s O Zone. As well, if you check out the individual pages for the Ontario, BC and other pavilions we have listings that we’re updating on each. If you click open our “Printable” page (linked at http://citycaucus.com/2010free) you can see the full information posted on each venue.

  • Brian C

    That seems to be the most comprehensive link that I could find.
    Sorry Mike… it is a link to another site.

  • That’s fine, B. We’re all about getting ppl out to these venues. I see that some of the shows are paid on this site, but no price on some of the free venue shows at Heineken House, etc. This is a good resource (I shortened the URL, btw).

  • Gerry McGuire

    Got this last night.It’s fresh footage of the Sunset Beach/Kitsilano light show. Enjoy!