Rick Cluff of CBC Early Edition: my top free things to do

Radio host Rick Cluff has a list of simple pleasures for Vancouver’s Games

He’s one of the top broadcasters in Metro Vancouver, and now we know why he gets paid the big bucks. Early Edition on CBC Radio One (88.1 FM) host Rick Cluff has figured out that you don’t need to get into a line-up to really take in all this free 2010 fun. You just need to break into some spontaneous anthem singing, or watch the crowds down on Granville. We’ve spoken with many of Vancouver’s top radio and TV personalities, and now we’re very pleased to share Rick Cluff’s top ten free things to do during the games:

  1. Standing on the corner of Robson and Granville Celebrating the country.
  2. Participating in spontaneous outbursts of "Oh Canada".
  3. Fireworks…fireworks…fireworks: Livecity Yaletown 10:45pm;  Fire and Ice (Ignite the Dream) at Robson Square (9:30 & 11:00pm)
  4. Walk up to someone with a foreign uniform and say "Welcome to Canada" and see what reaction you get.
  5. Strolling along Whistler Way in Whistler: you can watch all the live broadcasts and the free shows on stage.
  6. Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings exhibit at the VAG. YES, there’s a huge line, but it’s worth it and the BC Pavilion on the 4th floor is also worth a stop. And though it’s not free, lunch at the Gallery cafe is the best place to people watch.
  7. The 4D Theatre film at the Ontario Pavilion. Yes, it’s Ontario propaganda, but it’s fun (and similar to the 4D experience at the Vancouver Aquarium).
  8. The Ziptrek line (as a spectator sport!)
  9. Standing on the Burrard Bridge watching the Vectorial Elevation light show. It’s even better in the rain watching from Sunset Beach or Vanier Park.
  10. TV. The best view from my couch ( both networks, but love seeing Vancouver on NBC).

Our thanks to Rick and the crack team at CBC Radio One’s Early Edition (& CBC TV) for their coverage of these exciting days here in Vancouver.

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  • Mary Henry

    Good Morning
    I woke up this am listening to the tail end of an interview, saying that there are tickets available for a “Canada Quizz show”.
    Can you tell me the website where I can locate these tickets?
    Thanks. You have a great Show!

  • keith harrison

    Dear Rick,
    You wouldn’t happen to be from the Ottawa Valley. You keep referring to the days of the week like, Tuesday and Wednesday, as Tuesdee and Wensdee.