Introducing CentrePlace Manitoba

Cindy Stevens of the Government of Manitoba tells us about her province’s pavilion

Don’t let the barricade around LiveCity Downtown fool you. There’s actually some interesting free stuff to do inside. We’ve talked about the Canada Pavilion, and mentioned LiveCity Live! where you can have a snack or a beverage with family members while watching the Games on the big screen. But there is also the attractive-looking CentrePlace Manitoba pavilion. It’s like a big hut, with HD screens and interactive kiosks to tell you more about the province. There is also a section of the pavilion dedicated to learning more about the Canadian Human Rights Museum. Later in the day, they also bring out a hockey net and sticks and let folks slap some pucks.

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  • Michael

    There are no line ups for this pavilion, the murals that surrounds the interior were great but I noticed that hardly anybody payed any attention to it, and the same for the dozens of TV on top. There’s a bit of a line up in the back room so they can take a picture of you holding some kind of a sign which I think is ridiculous. The design team of this building should have place the Human Rights Museum glass case display outside in front and have one of the murals as the face of the structure to get more attraction instead of just a bear beamed on the outside wall. When people think of Manitoba, they think of flat lands, this pavilion is in that category.

  • Alison

    The Manitoba pavillion is educational and fun to visit. Lots of people noticed and enjoyed the polar bears on the outside of the pavillion. Churchill Manitoba is the place to see polar bears, so showing them is very appropriate. People were also admiring the internal mural. And good for Manitoba for developing a Human Rights Museum.

  • Kay

    It was nice, but not exactly the most dynamic or interactive. The bears and pins they were giving in exchange for providing the volunteers with facts about Manitoba were cute though.