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Anthony Bourdain rips into a dog

Yesterday’s New York Times extolled some of Vancouver’s great restaurants. A few years ago, another famous New Yorker, Anthony Bourdain, paid tribute to another unique Vancouver culinary creation. Great hotdog stands abound on the street corners of New York but nowhere other than Vancouver can you find Japadog. On a visit to Vancouver, Anthony Bourdain was impressed enough with this simple hotdog stand that he chose to feature it on his No Reservations show on the Travel Channel. 

Considering Vancouver’s large Asian population, it’s no wonder Japadog came into existence and is so popular. Japadog can best be described as a Japanese take on the hotdog. You have your choice of a variety of sausages but what makes this place unique is the toppings. The best seller is the Terimayo, an all-beef dog with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, fried onions and nori (seaweed). The others are also worth trying. The Oroshi features a bratwurst, grated radish, special soy and green onion.

The Misomayo is a turkey smokie enveloped in Japanese mayo, kaiware (daikon radish sprouts), and miso sesame sauce. The Okonomi is made with a Kurobuta pork sausage (the best Berkshire pork) layered with Japanese mayo, fried cabbage, dried bonito flakes, and okonomi sauce. All of these are also available with a veggie dog if you like.

Japadog, 3 locations in Vancouver:  Burrard and Smithe (outside the Sutton Place Hotel), Burrard and Pender (in the Scotiabank corner) and Coal Harbour Community Centre (just outside); Monday to Thursday: noon to 7:30 p.m; Friday and Saturday: noon to 8:00 p.m; Sunday: 12:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m. A restaurant location will open soon at 530 Robson St. $4-$6.25/person. Close to all downtown Olympic venues.

– post by Michelle Pereira

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