Olympics free venues list catching on

Our Lady Peace will make Richmond’s Ozone a "must visit" destination during the 2010 Games

Yesterday morning CityCaucus.com was pleased to be invited back to CKNW Radio, this time to discuss our online catalog of free or low-cost 2010 Olympic Games venues. The arts and culture side of the Olympics gets overlooked with all the attention that gets paid to the sport, but if our listing is any indication, the best bang for your tax buck will be the variety of "Live City" style venues set up around Metro Vancouver.

Thanks also to some of our Twitter followers many are checking out the list, which is posted at:


On the Bill Good Show with guest host Mike Smyth we talked about the variety of venues not only in downtown Vancouver, but across Metro Vancouver, such as in Surrey, West Vancouver, New Westminster, Abbotsford and especially in Richmond, BC!

Richmond has situated most of the fun cultural and entertainment stuff at the terminus of the Canada Line, aka Brighouse station. There you’ll visit the Ozone, which will have regular live entertainment and some killer music acts like Tokyo Police Club, Bedouin Soundclash and Our Lady Peace. There is also the Heinkenen House when you want some Dutch fun and a glass of the amber nectar.

Here below is the audio stream of the CKNW program (15 min), or you can grab the MP3.

You can also hear the broadcast by visiting the CKNW.com Audio Vault, and setting it to 11:05am on December 30th. Thanks to the gang at CKNW for having us on.

– post by Mike

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