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This week it’s all about Vancouver’s "big play" over the 2010 budget

Be sure to pick up a copy of 24 Hours Vancouver (we know that you all do anyway). This week Mike takes a look at Vancouver City Hall’s budget process, and likens it to sport. Who’s on the team, and who’s making the big plays? What are the odds Vision will score a big political win with a zero-percent tax increase, or do they risk losing their left wing base by "out-NPA’ing" the NPA?

24 Hours is available throughout Metro Vancouver at your favourite transit stop, or Tim Horton’s shop. You can also read Thursday’s column in their digital edition or on their website. Sound off by email at van24feedback@sunmedia.ca.

Langley councillor slams Vancouver decision on GVLRB
Shaken but not STIR'd by $112,273 per unit rental subsidy

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  • Alex

    n your column from December 3rd, you must have proof read for spelling but not for hypocrisy or irony. You deride the BCTFs’ “unconscionable behaviour” for dressing Dora the Explorer and some of the Olympic mascots as Nazis. Yet two paragraphs later you mock Pivot legal society and the Civil Liberty associations’ beliefs. Using such colourful imagery as a jackbooted John Furlong and “club-swinging storm troopers” to make your point.
    Why is it “unconscionable” for the BCTF, yet acceptable for you to draw NAZI parallels in your prose? Such hypocrisy.
    Oh, and as to your mention of an “absurd suggestion” that those club-swinging storm troopers would be kicking down doors to take down anti-Olympic posters. Ironic that on the opposing page an article described Victoria police placing an undercover police officer within a busload of Olympic protesters. Disagree with the government and they send a constable to spy on you? Not so absurd now is it?
    Alex Briard

  • Thanks for the note, Alex. I guess someone’s gotta stick up for Dora, and it might as well be me. I didn’t draw the Nazi parallels, btw, the promoters of the event did. See this link: