Canada Line reviews coming in

Canada Line riders on Monday. Photo: Dan Toulgoet/Vancouver Courier
Canada Line riders on Monday. Photo: Dan Toulgoet/Vancouver Courier

Commentators are weighing in on Canada Line, providing some detailed analysis we thought readers of take interest in. Firstly, I’d like to note the success of my colleague Mike Klassen’s video, Canada Line: First Look released on Monday morning. It’s resulted in a staggering number of views – over 1000 in the first day and hundreds more since. It’s expected that transit buffs from around the globe will continue to watch it in the weeks to come.

For an excellent and detailed review of the Line we recommend Stephen Rees’ blog post on it. Rees has been a vocal critic of Translink (he’s a transportation planner transplanted from the UK) and Canada Line’s private partnership. In spite of that, Rees has given an extremely fair assessment of the Canada Line, and credits builders with having made some good choices in construction, selection of vehicles, and design.

Gord Price gives his first impressions of the Line, with an urban planner’s eye on the stations’ surroundings. Over at the Courier, Sandra Thomas describes her aversion to crowds, and not so much the system itself. We can’t be surprised that people act like apes when free rides and free pizza are offered.

The Courier’s story is accompanied by a charming photo slideshow by Dan Toulgoet.

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