Metro Vancouver Mayors and Councillors Invited to Take Part in a “Car-Free Challenge”

This list of civic leaders in Metro Vancouver prepared to give up their car for a week is growing


Vancouver, BC – A popular urban affairs blog – – has sent out a challenge to all Metro Vancouver mayors and city councillors to participate in “Civic Leaders Car-Free Week” during the week of July 19-26, 2009.

To date, Mayor George Peary (Abbotsford), Councillor Suzanne Anton (Vancouver) and Councillor Jonathon Cote (New Westminster) have already agreed to participate and will be parking their cars for the duration of the challenge.

“We plan to offer up our blog to a group of leaders who want to share their experience as part of Civic Leaders Car Free Week,” says co-editor Daniel Fontaine. “Cities and municipalities are re-thinking their policies towards automobiles, so we thought it would be best for our civic officials to try and live without for a time so they can better understand alternatives to the car.”

The rules and eligibility requirements to participate are as follows:

  • Civic leaders must agree to hand their car keys over to their local city manager for a seven day period (if it’s a family vehicle, they can be turned over to a spouse/partner)
  • They must commit to not driving during this period. Carpooling, cycling, walking, skateboarding are all acceptable forms of transportation
  • They must commit to writing at least one 250-500 word diary about their experience that we will publish on (we welcome more frequent posts such as before, during & after the challenge)
  • They must be a duly elected official
  • They must currently own a vehicle and have it be their primary source of transportation (use it at least 80% of the time)

“Participants must enter before the deadline of July 15th, 2009 at midnight to participate,” adds co-editor Mike Klassen. “We’d like everyone across the Metro Vancouver region to know that one of their elected officials is taking part in parking their vehicle for a week, and hear how they adjust to life without.” is based in Vancouver and is Canada’s most successful new urban affairs blog discussing the issues of importance to Canada’s cities. Since our launch last December we’ve had over a quarter of a million page views. We’ve also been featured on Global TV, CTV News, CBC Newsworld, The Vancouver Sun, The Province, The Ottawa Citizen, Langley Times, Abbotsford News and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


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