Robertson asks political staff to get Iggy his “share of gang war press”

Mayor Robertson attends a photo op with the Chief to get his "share of the gang war press"

A few months ago, asked for copies of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s email during a period in which he went away for a weeklong holiday. The response we got was the FOI request would cost over $2500 dollars as the Mayor had over 10,000 pages of emails during this period. As a result, we narrowed down our request and our crack research team received a much smaller package of material last Friday. They have now begun reviewing the emails in search of a particular piece of correspondence.

One of the emails the Mayor sent during his holiday was to Mike Magee, his Chief of Staff. The subject line of the email is "Iggy." We must assume that His Worship was referring to Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

The Mayor reveals he wants to have some "private" time with Mr. Ignatieff, but goes on to make some very interesting statements regarding Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu and the gang war that’s been plaguing Vancouver. His comments are particularly intriguing when you consider Robertson was too busy at an Olympic photo op to attend an urgent meeting organized by Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts to help mitigate the impacts of the gang activity.

Here is a copy of the email we received by FOI:

From: Robertson, G

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 11:07 AM

To: Dobrinskaya, Maria; Magee, Michael

Subject: Iggy

Let’s get some private mtg time nailed down. Not sure if the brek mtg got booked but let’s grab it if that’s the only private time possible.

He might also want to do some Chu time to get his share of the gang war press. That’s useful for [THE REST OF THIS SENTENCE WAS BLACKED OUT BY CITY STAFF. THEY CITE SECTION 16 OF THE FOI LEGISLATION]. Good to ask if we can help set that up. Jim can join for some of our mtg, though that needs to be contained as there’s lots of other stuff to talk about.


Gregor Robertson

Mayor of Vancouver

t. 604-873-7621

We’re uncertain as to what the Mayor meant by trying to get Mr. Ignatieff "his share of the gang war press." What we do know is this email could explain his March 6th photo op with Chief Chu.

Is Robertson’s motive to alleviate the struggles Metro Vancouver is having with gangsters, or to gain more political Brownie points for himself by participating in high profile police media briefings?

On the surface Mayor Robertson seems more concerned with optics than action on the gang crime file.

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