Montreal gets new employee snitch line

Montreal wants to reduce government waste through a new employee snitch line

The City of Montreal is about to get a new employee snitch line. Okay, they don’t call it that, but once it is fully operational it will allow employees to anonymously report government waste at City Hall. The initiative was recommended by Montreal’s Auditor General as a means to help limit bad government spending.

A while ago, CUPE fought hard to include a whistle-blower provision in their collective agreement with the City of Vancouver. With that protection now in place, is it time that Vancouver follow Montreal’s lead and establish a new snitch line? I say yes.

Of course, if a new snitch line opens up, every civic affairs blogger and journalist who relies on anonymous tips may be negatively impacted – included.

Employees wanting to report waste anonymously would no longer need to call up their favourite columnist or blogger, rather, they could just call 1-800-4snitch. Perhaps the new system could even be incorporated into the City’s new 311 program in order to further help reduce operating costs?

Anybody who covers the city hall beat, no matter which city you work in, knows there is wasteful spending. When you spend billions of tax dollars, there simply has to be. How much waste and by whom is the real question.

I think overall there is a lot of accountability built into the system at most city halls to keep wasteful spending to a minimum. However, a new snitch line might give the public more comfort knowing that if it does occur, employees can easily report it and nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

My suspicion is that the new Vision council will be no more interested in a snitch line than the previous COPE or NPA administrations were. What do you think? Why not answer our poll question of day and let us know what you think.

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