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Where's Langley?

Langley always seemed like outer space to me, it was such a long drive. My dad ran a very successful small business in downtown Langley for many years, and it still boggles the mind that he would commute from East Vancouver daily for nearly 20 years before he retired. I’d drive out there myself, maybe twice per year, and it always looked different each time I went.

Unfortunately during the late eighties and through the 1990’s Langley fell into a pattern of shopping mall hell development, making the auto the only way to get around even if you went a couple of blocks.

I know Langley is going through its own growing pains, and struggling with the issues of sprawl like the rest of the Fraser Valley. One hopeful sign for Langley is the passion for policy exhibited by Jordan Bateman and Sam Kirk of

They bill the blog as "Langley’s longest-running and most popular Town Hall forum. Featuring more than 200,000 visitors, 850,000 hits, and 8,000 comments in the past year." Jordan is an elected Langley Township councillor, and Sam is a political junkie. Their blog is not only getting impressive traffic, it’s generating strong local interest in where the Langleys (there is a City and a Township of Langley) are going.

Their coverage of Langley’s 2009 Budget is unique among Lower Mainland political blogs in its level of detail. It even has a PowerPoint slideshow! (I’m a sucker for web bling). Bateman’s stand on the controversial 64th Avenue overpass issue has also generated a lot of debate among readers.

So a shout-out goes out to our neighbours in Langley, and to the fine work at

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  • Thanks, Mike, for shout out! Keep up the good work.

  • Michael, let’s not forget the very fine work of Kim Richter, Susan Semonick and Cathleen Vacchiato at Langley Free Press …

  • Candy Man

    You forgot to mention Bateman’s connection to the Provincial Liberals and his growing reputation for spending taxpayer’s money. In fact, I’ve read one bloggers comment on Bateman as “Is there nothing he can’t spend money on?”

  • Statistics

    Hey Mike you should check in on Langley again it is politics as usual.
    Only problem is now we are dealing with inept Education Boards that can’t add numbers.
    The Township council is even having a retreat paid by tax payers to learn how to get along respectfully.