Is Stanley Park next target for urban vegetable patch?

Stanley Park cricketers
Cricketers at Brockton Oval – empty grass just sitting there

There is a rumour making the rounds out there in garden world that Gregor Robertson, Vancouver’s Farmboy Mayor, is about to announce his support for yet another vegetable patch on City property – this time in iconic Stanley Park. If you thought ripping up the front lawn of City Hall to plant artichokes was controversial, a plan to tear up the lawns of Stanley Park is sure to get tongues wagging.

In an interview with GlobalTV, Mayor Robertson thinks the royal grounds that surround City Hall need an update. "The lawn has been kind of orphaned. Sitting there. Seemed like a great opportunity to act now and get a community garden going where one is needed," said the Mayor, oblivious to the ironic backdrop blanketed with snow.

So if the turf at City Hall was just "sitting there," what about all that lawn occupying acres of property at Stanley Park? has heard that Vision Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Aaron Jasper is not only supportive of Gregor’s Garden, he’s now looking at where vegetable gardens can be planted in the City’s most famous park.

Second term Park Commissioner Ian Robertson isn’t so sure about Jasper’s plans.

"It sounds to me that just like the Celebration Pavilion issue Aaron needs to do more homework," responds Robertson. "There already is a community garden in Stanley Park, situated right near Lost Lagoon. It’s been there since 2003, and has 30 plots that grow flowers tended by West End residents. In fact, the West End Residents Association, of which Aaron Jasper has been a vocal member, is one of the garden’s co-sponsors."

Surely Stanley Park has grass just sitting there ready for a carrot patch?

"We must respond to the demand for community gardens that are already in the queue," adds Robertson. "There currently are no requests for gardens in Stanley Park, but there is in other parts of the city and we’re working on those."

It appears that becoming the butt of jokes and receiving negative public reaction regarding the idea of ripping up the lawn at City Hall has not discouraged Vision folks from moving forward with their vegetable patch strategy. I suspect that once the public is apprised of Jasper’s plans to rip up the lawn in Stanley Park to plant some cabbage and string beans, he may backdown faster than you can say deep fried zucchini sticks.

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