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Should we be growing vegetables in Vancouver’s iconic Stanley Park?


The latest CityCaucus Poll results have been rushed upstairs after some meticulous tabulating by the kids down in Research Ops. It only occurred to us this week that we need to block access to Facebook here at CityCaucus Towers, otherwise nothing gets done. So we apologize for the delay in rounding up the results of the past two online unscientific polls.

The first poll we feature is our question, Should we be growing vegetables in Vancouver’s iconic Stanley Park? We were frankly surprised by the popularity of this question. Our list of responses ranged from Yes, No, and Maybe Later. However, it was a pretty clear win for opponents of the idea of putting veggie gardens in Stanley Park, at 67%. One third of other respondents chose yes, and yes after other venues around the city are accommodated.

Poll: Do you agree with COPE’s Anne Roberts that Vision Vancouver should take a stronger stand against billboards?


The second CityCaucus Poll result we’ll share is the debate stirred by COPE’s Anne Roberts opposition to "non-conforming" billboards, and Vision’s delay on the matter. We asked our readers if they felt more emphasis was needed in taking down the non-conforming boards down. It was a virtual split decision, with 51% saying No, and 49% Yes.

Keep coming back to for our poll question. Currently we ask which level of government (or the non-profit sector) do you believe is most responsible for the development of new social housing and solving homelessness? We’ll share the answers, and post a new poll question later this week.

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