‘Real estate slate’ gate rocks White Rock

A hearing set for January 7th could partially overturn the results of the recent civic election held in the City of White Rock last November. Former City Councillor Matt Todd has filed a petition in BC Supreme Court against Councillor James Coleridge for allegedly spreading false information about him during the campaign.

During the election, an email was making the rounds which claimed Todd was part of something called the ‘Real Estate Slate’. The email was traced to an IP address that was linked to Councillor Coleridge’s computer. The email was signed by Alison and Tom Baker, and was trying to link Todd to what was seen as a political organization linked to White Rock’s real estate industry. An allegation that Todd has publicly denied.

Meanwhile, Coleridge claims he never sent the email and someone used sophisticated software to imitate his IP address.

In an interview with the Surrey Now newspaper, Todd states "this is aimed only at James Coleridge. I’m not challenging the election in general." He went on to say "there’s nothing here that will benefit me. I finished 14th; I wasn’t even close."

Todd claims he is filing the lawsuit to help restore the public’s faith in politicians.

In addition to this lawsuit, there are currently two separate police investigations underway regarding alledged shenanigans that took place in the last civic election. My bet is that the lawsuit will be thrown out and White Rock’s election results will stand.

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  • Lisa Nolan

    good thing you didn’t place money on that bet.
    May 26, 2009
    Supreme court Judge Madame Gerow today released judgement in the case of Todd vs Coleridge.
    Madame Gerow found in favor of the petitioner, and has declared invalid the office of City of White Rock Councillor, Mr. James Coleridge. A by-election to be held to fill the vacancy.

  • Lisa,
    You nailed it…luckily no money was wagered! An amazing court ruling indeed.