Double double drive-thru trouble

Tim Hortons Double Double by Tigerzeye.
Flickr photo by Tigerzeye

I’m sure everyone living in a major Canadian city has witnessed at one time or another dozens of cars lined up at a local Tim Horton’s drive thru. Well, that scene may be disappearing faster than a double walnut crunchie if the Mayor of St. John’s, Newfoundland has his way.

His Worship Dennis O’Keefe supported a motion that was recently introduced to St. John’s Council which bans any new drive thrus in the city. That is, unless the establishment can demonstrate they have a proper traffic management plan.

Many of the existing drive thrus are simply not equipped to handle more than about 5-10 cars before vehicles start backing up onto main thoroughfares. Police say blocked traffic translates into increased vehicular accidents.

In an interview with the CBC, the Mayor states there is a particular problem with a Tim Hortons located at Topsail Road. He states "It’s a public highway which becomes a stacking lane for Tim Hortons."

"I have seen drivers out of pure frustration pull out into the adjoining lane and try to go on west early in the morning, and one of these fine days there’s going to be a tragedy there — or in any one of the other ones where public highways are used for stacking lanes for Tim Hortons."

I say congrats to the Mayor and Council for banning drive thrus. They’re environmentally unfriendly, they’re a root cause for obesity, and now we find out they also result in traffic accidents.

I do love Tim Hortons coffee, but I think the best thing to do is park your car (better yet, why not walk there) and go inside for service. The ban applies to all businesses with drive thrus including such establishments as Macdonald’s, etc.

What do you think? Has St. John’s gone too far? Are they infringing on your rights to purchase your double boston cream donut in the relative comfort of your warm SUV?

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  • Sandra Chamberlain-Snider

    I am not sure if an outright ban is necessary. I like to think people’s behaviour would negate the need for a drive-thru, however, the city through regulation could curtail them, restricting how many, where they are located, traffic safety concerns, etc. This would allow for the determined misanthrope to get their Tim’s and as for the rest of us, are our lives so busily important, we dont have 10 minutes to interact with our fellows?

  • People are lazy and they will always choose the lazy way if you give them an option. Sure, ban the drive-thru’s and perhaps that 10 metre walk to the counter will be their first activity of the day.
    I remember in Brampton how sickening it was to see 35 cars lined up in 35 degree heat to get their coffee and donuts. Some idiot at the back of the car line moved up three places as I went in, ordered, and walked out again. I gave him a vindictive smile.
    In Squamish, B.C., there’s a vicious lineup for Timmy’s that stretches out to the highway sometimes. Again, lazy, selfish, unmotivated people.