A path to laneway living

When we’re not monitoring the various municipal political issues across Canada, CityCaucus.com likes to come back to the things about cities that makes them interesting, challenging and exciting places to live. Late during the last term of Vancouver City Council, a fairly monumental policy was approved unanimously by councillors that will undoubtedly begin to reshape how residential neighbourhoods are built. I’m referring to the City of Vancouver’s endorsement of so-called laneway housing.

Laneway housing is meant to add density to places where it has been traditionally hard to implement, and provide new affordable housing stock within the city’s single-family residential neighbourhoods. City engineers and planners are currently working on the mechanics of how we can use back alleys to help improve the vitality of neighbourhoods throughout Vancouver.

My CityCaucus.com colleague has taken particular interest in this topic during his term as Vice-Chair of the respected Vancouver City Planning Commission. In November he did a presentation to his fellow commissioners and City staff on the subject of Country Lanes in Vancouver. He was then asked by re:place Magazine to submit a story about his views on this topic, which they recently published on their website.

We thought our CityCaucus.com readers would like to read Mike’s story titled "In Support of Country Lanes" at re:place.

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