Vancouver and Surrey set aside $35 million for insurance claims

Pothole DamageThe server almost crashed earlier today when we began getting hits from all over Metro Vancouver regarding our story on making a claim against your city if they’ve been negligent.

According to audited statements from Vancouver (see report) and Surrey (see report), both cities have set aside almost $35 million to handle insurance claims related to damage they may have caused on personal property. In 2007, Vancouver had set aside $19.489 million while Surrey had tucked away $15.484 million in their self insurance funds.

As we previously reported, if your vehicle was damaged due to a lack of snow removal or you slammed into a massive pothole and busted your rim or blew out a tire, you may have more options than simply filing a claim with your insurance agent.

If you believe that negligence on the part of your city resulted in damage to your property, you should contact City Hall as soon as possible. If you want to cut through the bureaucracy, you may want to forward your claim directly to your local mayor (i.e., or

A complete list of Mayors in the Metro Vancouver region including their contact emails and office phone numbers can be found here:

For other Canadian cities, simply check the web for contact information. Remember, if you damaged your vehicle in Vancouver, but live in Burnaby, you will need to make your claim in the City in which the damage occurred.

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