Rogers decision evidence that Louie sits in backseat: Georgia Straight

Georgia Straight editor Charlie Smith provides some of the best analysis of civic politics in Metro Vancouver. Given’s experience behind the scenes in Vancouver politics we know Charlie doesn’t get it right all the time, but we give him credit for connecting the dots better than most local scribes.

In our Best of Blog comes his post titled, Ouster of Judy Rogers reveals Raymond Louie’s lack of influence. Smith points out that Raymond Louie was dismissive of the idea that Judy Rogers would be fire on election night. What Charlie accurately surmises is that Rogers’ firing is part of a much larger play at Victoria by big labour.

He also was the first to point out that Vision’s choices on the Metro Vancouver appointments, and the recent “H.E.A.T.” team would signal their intentions to collaborate with left wing allies COPE. Hint: the alliance has some growing cracks.

We expect the fine writers over at the Straight will be doing some great coverage of the upheaval at City Hall in the days to come.

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